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Okay. I kind of get it and kind of don't...

A BASIC Guide to Romance

Strange, in my own personal experience, romance works like this:
1a. First meeting. I introduce myself as the silver prince and a knight whom seeks an lady.
1b. Girl is overwhelmed when she realizes that I am whom I claim and begins to speak to me nervously with an red tint to her face.
1c. We talk about many things until we find an middle ground, usually society, to discuss in detail about our views. By this time, she begins to give off signals that she wants to be asked. (Obvious ones like what if questions)
1d. Three hours later I ask her out, she always accepts.
2a. The day after this, I began to go to work and call her every night, telling her about my day.
2b. I take her to some type of event and buy her things, all the while remaining completely curtius and kind as a knight should towards his lady.
2c. She starts acting stranger and stranger in my comunicades to her.
3a. She tries to dump me and I, as honor bound man leave for the trail of destiny and leave her in my past.

THAT, is the story of my life. It is the overwhelming proof that the nice guy never gets the girl, because she secretly wishes to be hurt. This has happened again and again, but due to me being an absolute helpless romantic, I always try again. So, where in this modern age can an prince of the vankleek house find an small, cute, and kind woman for him to serve? Your article says of a basic romance, but in actuality, it is rather the perfect scenario with no other punks trying to steal her *growls*. A more realistic scenario happens like my case, or rather an case where the guy is an complete assine to her. That's it. I'm popping in kanon to cheer me up.
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