A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



A Lesiurely start to a project of simplicity...

@LockeZ: Hmm... That is a good point. One of my major aims with this project is to change my work practices.

Rather, I should approach it from a top down perspective. I am so used to trying to work in a modular form that mayhaps I should adopt a more complete form stance to making myself work.

Ahahaha, It's so difficult sometimes though!

Also, and this is just a personal surprise thing, why did my blog show up in game design? Is this a new thing that happens now?

Dumb or Daring?

No saves, equals terrible plan. I would go with a rougelike scheme myself, where loading the save would delete it as well, just to serve as a quicksave, for people like me with little to no time.


And~ Put back on focus. The Redux version will have a choice to play the terrible 1.0 version, or the Redux version, a remake that just will improve many things.

The fire always burns

Wolf coder is working on it. Have faith.


AND~ Put on the back burner for a short Christmas Project.


I will be honest, I like this game and I am planning to review it once I finally beat it, but I do have one gripe, and I will hide it in a spoiler tag, so I don't ruin the enemy from the latter part of the game or any story.
I think I am near the end of the game, now I have run through the teleporter,but my gripe is simple. The difficulty ramps up way to fast after you go through there. For example, the boss you fight in the police station was strong, true... And so was mr death in the mansion, but the second I went through the teleporter, every single normal soldier zombies, were near and better then the boss fight you had right before! It is not like the game is really built around grinding, so this jump in difficulty was sudden.
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