A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



The Coffee Shop at the end of the World

Ahaha, my thoughts excatly. When I am in cities, I spend all of my free time in cafe's chatting with people back and fro as well. That is the idea, it's just going to be a game to pass some time with in comfort.

It's going to take a while before I feel like the release the proceeding generated portion(Basically, longer I have to write, better the conversation trees will become), but I am designing a story mode on the side based on a japanese novel I was reading that inspired me to start crafting the game on the side as well.


I finished typing up my review for your game. Very cute and very fun, I only wish it was a full meal instead of a small taster.

The Logomancer

Oh, is there a way to back out of a quest once you start it? Because I think there was one level 10 quest that I accidentally stumbled upon when I was level 1 (the one which you turn into chibi figures in a tower) and I can't seem to get out...

Actually, yes. The book that your chibi guys appear next to is a way back to the editor's room, and then all you need to do is go to the bed to wake up.

Well, I finished the game, or let me correct that: I have completed what it says is 20% of the game, and have bit by bit grown fustrated with a secondary horror themed quest that rely's on pure and utter repetition.
Not going to lie, at first it was amusing narritive wise. But now, that I have spent the last 2 hours repeating the same walk back and fro, only to find myself in the timeout room, forced to wait another bloody 5 seconds. I have basically tried everything the diary suggested, even entered the inception dream, got the eye, managed to open the door to nowhere, looked at the picture, but I am fed up with how there is no right way to open the yellow door. At all. And that is not even bringing up the sometimes where it teleports you back to the beginning of a level randomly. Frustrating.

The Logomancer

You really, really want to do the main quest first. There aren't really any other good "starting points" (even the bazaar merchants and basic mindscape enemies are tough for a first-level party), and experience is relative so you'll waste the automatic level up if you just do the puzzle-based ones at level 1. (That one quest you're stuck on, in particular, has a pretty high challenge rating. Have you looked at the quest ledger? That tells you what level you should be before attempting quests.)

Aha~ That was what I was missing. Indeed, I failed to notice the quest level indicator, and now I feel much more satisfied for the moment. Thank ye verily for bringing this to my attention; I had originally just felt the difficulty wall was absurd, but the developer took that into account as well. My hat off to you.

The Logomancer

Well, I am about 2 hours into the game, and like the madman that I am, have been too busy trying to complete all of the sidequests.
Now this is not a review, I will review it once I have beaten Logomancer, but so far without even touching the entire "main" quest line yet, I have one very simple complaint: The grind. I'll explain via spoiler tag:
Now, I know this is most likely my fault, because I finished the map maker's quest and am now working through the editor's proofreading of Ardus's "tower of ideals", and so far every two battles on the tower have me operating like this:
Buy items to fix guys, use all of them every 2 fights, and then in the most painful fashion, exit the mindscape, back to the inn, back to the editor's mindscape, rinse and repeat. I cannot be the only one whom after the third bout of this, have finally reached a near raison d'etre of pointlessness. I am most likely just going to abandon the quest for the main, but good lord man! Literary symbolism, this is a cosmic jazz man, gameplay wise however? It simply feels as good as a lawsuit that says you cannot open your front door; Both redundant and frustrating.

Trine and Tine

Ahahah~ Really? Yes, I slapped together this back in the old days when I was depressed in less then 4 hours. It's basically empty floor afer empty floor, bad japanese music from the 80s and a plot that makes no real sense.
This is the 4 hour version. It's more or less worth nothing but a curious relic of my past. XD

Trine and Tine

Note the emphisis on fixing that teleporting bug. I swear of that did not crop up, then I would be able to finishing this in no time.

Trine and Tine

Its near completion actually. XD I just need to finish up some more levels in the dungeon, and fix a teleport bug that keeps cropping up.

Basically, The town is finished. I used the same random dialogue system from the original, so it has a very Wastelands-esque when you ask for advice, and it reads from a list down the way and tells you a different thing each time.

Level 1 and 2 are completed, including this quest where you collect Crystal shards that are growing due to Loki's malignant energy.

Dragon Siege

Finish this, and I'll Let's play it. XD

Trine and Tine

Alright, Baregamer, it looks like I am snowed in the town over from home, so expect a slight delay in progress, okay man? My main project files are on my home comp, but I will see if I can make some progress on the project if possible... I am learning to HATE snowy days here in Tennessee. Nobody is equipped for them at all.
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