A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Trine and Tine Review

Actually, the final floors are so much of a grind that I only beat it one time. And just to anger people more, right before you get to the top is a riddle that is answered by walking into a hallway with the correct answer, the wrong ones drop you to floor 1 and 8 respectively.

Also, the town people have a short list of random dialogue, the advice button rolls a die and responds accordingly. The hamster well death was just thrown in as a bad joke in between a friend and me. The guard makes a now dated reference to a certain preacher who claimed every year is the end of the world irl. Megai's name, Loki being the enemy is all a reference to Megami Tensei OVA, where the soundtrack came from.
Also, when you first enter the tower, there is supposed to be a random alignment given to you, which only changed the ending minimally.

I've been thinking about revisiting this project with a ASCII remake for a long time, completely gutting it, but every time I think about that, it reminds me of my goal in making this: A really grindy, basic engine with exploit abusing monsters dungeon crawl, like I used to play on GW in the old days.
And it's still 100% as terrible as always. This game is more of a curiosity, rather then a game. XD Don't play it, or rather, don't play it with the intention of winning. Just play for half a hour and say "Oh, that was neat" and move on.

The Odyssey Board Game Review

Oh wow. I'm glad I did not run into any of those bugs. It loaded right up for me. And I agree that the trivia portion would be hard without knowing the book pretty well.

The triva section was extremely arduous to me, due to my relative little experience with the source material and well the messing around to get it to work in the first place made my opinion of it a little stingy I'm afraid. Overall, it was not that bad.

DungeonQuest Review

Ah, forgive me, I did not see the date. My bad :)

EDIT: Should I erase my comment or alter it, as to avoid the arguement?
I'm going to keep the part about europe then. XD
Alright, I deleted the argument raising part of it. Sorry about Necroposting and bringing up an argument like that. XD

DungeonQuest Review

You're correct. Europe isn't a country.
Indeed it is not, mate. Seriously, I would not be me if it was.

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