A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



What are you thinking about right now?

I am off to Newyork. Suddenly, I am doing something as compulsive as quitting my job and taking off to New york city to meet up with my friend from Thailand. Why do I feel such a dire urgency to see him again? This is fascinating.

What are you thinking about right now?

Are you in Germany?

Ahaha, good guess. Nah, I'm living in a hostel in Orlando. The true beauty of hostels, is the sheer amount of germans you deal with on a daily basis, each of them thinking they can try to speak in german to their group, that nobody can understand.
It's the same problem I have with japanese, but to a lesser extent; The japanese normally end up dragging me into their group due to all the habits I still have from Tokyo making me into a curio for them to be entertained by.

What are you thinking about right now?

I am always surrounded by people speaking german. I wonder if they know I understand them?

What are you thinking about right now?

Application FERVOR! Bwhahaha~ The Deep net belongs to me! Me alone I say!

Also, how do people stand the slow part in FF7 when you go to the golden saucer? IT TAKES FOREVER... X.X

Fast Times at Aremen High: Sign-Ups

Oh man, this project is going to spiral into infamy. XD
Ah, just realized I should have sent in a sprite... Erm... Make one. There, the lazy way out.
Good luck on it, I am curious to see the result.

How to integrate the old days of the WIPdom is up to you. But I agree, a villan character he should be.

Fast Times at Aremen High: Sign-Ups

I'll sign up, why not. I'm imfamous enough as is on here, so what will it matter if I enter the scene as everybody's favorite psychopath? XD

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I am working on a Ascii based side-questing game in RMVX Ace. Yes, you heard me correctly. The idea is to get a item based battle system that is event based, and remove levels all together, going with some good old fashioned dice rolling mechanics. Ever play Lightning Returns? That's the idea of motivation to keep you questing, in exchange for stats. Woo~

I choose to skip bothering with tilesets, as they always spell the death of every project I make, and focus on the gameplay. Hopefully, this will allow me to create interesting areas with a extreme minimalism, and allow most of the plot to be player created. Not that there won't be a story here, but hey!
Right now making a quest about a Alchemist making explosives for the time lord.

What are you jamming to?

The song of my month

[RMVXACE] Field Item script anyone?

Main Idea
Ever play final fantasy mystic quest? Or Dragon Quest where it pops up with a quick item menu in the field so you can choose what to use? Well, I am looking for a script that does that; Pops up with a quick item menu for a item based, event scripted battle system.

Basically, in order for the main character to attack, I want him to be forced to use a item. So on this battle screen, when his turn comes, he steps forward and a item screen pops up, he chooses the item to use, and then I finish up the rest of the battle with event scripting. I can do this with a absurd amount of show choice commands, and conditional trees, but it would be so much easier if instead of me manually creating show choices for every item in the game, for a menu just to pop up on call, and then my conditional choices to detect the item used.
Does this make any sense at all?

Well, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a script.

The banned game & the banned game developer.

Well, to be honest, from my own personal experiance, it is near impossible to get banned from this site. Hell, my own drunk browsing binges last year, are a clear point.

However, I have seen one member get banned, but that was over 3 years ago. I believe he violated the big rule, so... Case in point.

I like to think RMN is better then some of the other rpg maker sites out there, that people can't be banned due to anger, but of course back in the days of the WIPdom... XD
Nonetheless, just don't anger Kentona, and most people should get by just fine.

EDIT: Ah, there was a game a couple of years back that got banned for having pornographic material in it, so that does speak that if your game violates the sites TOS, you face trouble. I don't think the user was banned though... My memory is pretty terrible however.