A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



[Poll] Which Title screen is better for a farming game?

Well, for one, this is not really the sort of thing for this thread; Your topic seems out of place.

Secondly, the poll is just links to your locker; It does not show a picture.

Finally, I hate to break this to you, but both of these are pretty bad. I would go for the top so it would not look like a MS paint effort. That spray effect in the bottom is really bad.

What are you thinking about right now?

Pianotm, I may very well do that. That would be the best option as well; The only thing I worry about is that Taiwan technically does not have a embassy, they have the AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) which acts as the embassy authorized by the american government, but lacks the flexibility. What I might do, is come payday is just take a plane ticket to Korea, and go directly to the embassy there and request aide.

Cultural Documentaries

This is impractical advice. Most people do not have jobs/lives that they can just put on pause for three months without repercussions.

True enough; However, it is the only way to truly understand. A culture is not something that a few videos can give you, experiencing it directly is the best way. It's also a luxury most people are either afraid of taking, or have too many responsibilities and thus cannot take.

post your picture

Been along time since anyone has seen my face... This is me at Taichung's harbor last weekend.

My eyes have a darkness that no light can break. XD Japan, what have you done to me.

What are you thinking about right now?

Well, let me back track; I was working in Japan as a car salesman, but changed job for a english school, they closed down, revealed to me that they never filed the paperwork for my visa and that my tourist visa would run out 3 weeks later.

So I contacted my taiwanese girlfriend, she set up a apartment for me, helped me get my visa and everything was fine for a while. I even started working at a different school. But lately, we have been fighting and she is developing a xenophobia of anything japanese, and constantly is trying to trim any of it out of my life.

She had me sign a contract in chinese that she said was for the power and electric deposit, and a month later she is taking the same contract and claiming that it will ban me from entering japan or speaking to any japanese what so ever. Seeing how I was only planning to stay in Taiwan til November, when I can re-enter Japan and refile my visa with a different school, I am pretty infuriated. That and, I'm pretty certain such a xenophobic contract is completely illegal when applied to American citizens.

Here's the catch: Payday is 15 days away, and all of my money has been spent on just flying me from Tokyo to Taichung, and getting that apartment and power deposit down. So, if I leave her now, no food. And 15 days is a long time to not eat.

Cultural Documentaries

My best advice to you, from a personal level, if you want to go learn about other cultures, go there and stay for 3 months.
You will have to learn the local ways, language and after the first 45 days, the tourist factor bleeds away and you will learn faster then any documentary. That's what I've been doing (In Taiwan, Taichung)

EDIT: A documentary will always put you in the shoes of the outsider looking in. Living there makes you a local looking out.

What are you thinking about right now?

Can your girlfriend legally make you sign a contract in chinese ( a language that I cannot read) that bans you from speaking to any japanese or going to japan?

PS. I'm am definitely going to break up with this woman. This is over-controlling, and besides, I want to live in Japan. It's absurd.

[Poll] What is the best kind of villain/antagonist?

The best villain of man himself, is man himself.
For example, Rhea from the Way.

Or rather, I have a weakness for the old comrade fighting for a different cause ala Gundam. Wing did a great job with this with Tres, and UC with Char.
Char Anzalbe was a true idealist villain who was contradictory in his logic, and has a entire progressive arc over 100+ episodes, which concluded in the movie. He starts off as just the typical badass with a tragic past, but becomes quickly emotionally involved with the MC, after the MC killed his fiance. Later he grows to realize that in his perspective, that as long as people cling to earth, they will never be free. A truly fascinating villain.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Actually, healing is a interesting subject; I do not intend to let anyone heal in my game without either A.Finding a shaman/priest or B.Finding bandages that will heal your wounds. But then again, the game takes place in a low fantasy wasteland that focuses more on survival and resource management; My reasoning is that a swordsman may know how to use bandages, but not how to fix major wounds. And seeing how magic is extremely rare, it's not going to be used as a healing mechanic except rarely.

I've also made saving tied to a purchasable item, that is used after each save. I think it fits the theme, but I'm worried it might put the player off.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

@BizarreMonkey: Trust me, it's a long story why I've been gone, let's just say it involves various women, Japan and Taiwan. Still nice to see you again!

So many might remember my Ascii stylings in rmvx; I've updated to ace, and am designing a 5x5 map of 50 squares, a exploration based game with resources limits, and a difficult to recover health system.

This is the village of Horisis in the center of the Vernol wastes, and will act as 1 of 2 bastions of civilization. I will release a demo once I get 9 maps made.
The " sand is quick moving sand, and can be used in the combat, but here is used by the village made of tents around a ruin and oasis.

EDIT: Originally, this was going to be a literal adaption of "The Long Goodbye" by Raymond Chandler into ASCII, thus why it's called "Rouge Detective".