A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Stripping out combat entirely from a dungeon crawler, and replacing it with random d20 rolls, mixed with player selected perks.
God this is tedious.

What are you thinking about right now?

Sounds like scallops, actually. A type of shellfish that looks like a slice of potato, and generally tastes like absolutely nothing (unless it's extremely fresh).

If they're cooked right they have the texture of soft butter, but they rarely are cooked right, so they usually have the texture of slightly stale marshmallows.

This, suddenly makes alot of sense. Especially if she just went to a lawnsons market and got them half price, then the taste and texture can be explained. It makes that meal slightly less soviet in my flavor memory.

I got a confirm from work, the second I get my ssn in the mail, I will be leaving for Japan in less then a week later. Considering how right now I am literally down to $45 and am camping in my mountain apartment with only anouther 3 weeks payed down with no job, THIS IS GOLDEN. Food. Food. Shelter that is not in the middle of nowhere and food. Considering how Tokyo left me broke and homeless last time, I'm worried but still all of my thoughts are yelling that I can actually live properly again, instead of performing magic terribly at the local Ryans in exchange for a meal.

If you died, what loot would you drop?

1 x Ankh on a burned rope
2 x Cheap Cigars
1 x Broken Compass
1 x Blue Overcoat
1 x Blue Fedora
1 x Orange socks

The last three should reveal my true identity~

what appeal of the 2XP

Uh... 2k3 and 2k have the same colour depth limitations, faces... XD

Erm... Really? Oh dear... Maybe my copy was corrupted.

what appeal of the 2XP

There is no reason to use rm2k3. To be honest, I used rm2k far longer then rm2k3 because of some of the limitations of the engine, namely the color depth.
And then there was that shady time before Xp legitimately came out that I was using Postality Knights XP...

Basically, just shell out the cash. Wait for a steam sale or something, that usually works.

Rm95 is still better then RM SIM 95. God the bugs...

Post an insane lie about the person above you

Homunculus is secretly Count Johann Ferdinand von Kufstein, finally realizing his dream of digital immortality.

What've you been up to?

Sorry, but I laughed out loud at this part.

Ahaha, if my year is anything to go off of, I could turn it around in 5 years and turn it into a full blown comedy act. I guess it is true that reality is indeed stranger then fiction some times.

@BizarreMonkey: That's the spirit~! :)

What are you thinking about right now?

Just eat some good food. A friend's so you don't have to worry about money~

Now that is good advice. I would follow it, if right now my only friend nearby is a chinese girl whoms cooking is slightly terrifying for my western tastebuds. The one time she rescued me from freezing from a typhoon, she served me for breakfast, a porridge with these potato-looking-vegetables-because-I-don't-honestly-know-what-vegetable-it-is in it, that had the distinct texture of meat. Chewy, Chewy meat, with the flavor of a extremely bland potato. I've been scared of real chinese cooking ever since.

[Poll] What if Final Fantasy V...

Spoilers ahoy!
Okay look, I like FF5. But it has it's flaws okay?

If I need a good story flaw with FF5 it would be without a doubt how they reveal that the two worlds were at one time the same world, and that they can somehow refuse them back together. Somehow. Okay...

Or namely, the entire quest with siren. Yes, Faris is a chick was a great joke, but once they got dragged underwater after the entire canal act, dropping us in the ghost ship realm was a real disappointment. Or the worse one of all, the difficulty leap with Gilgamesh on the bridge. Or the fact that X-Death would hire a random swordsman with 6 arms to fight for him, even though gilgamesh abandons his post all the time.

*sigh* It's not the holy grail. FF6 is no high fiction either, but at least from what I've played of it there are some less plot holes, and overall better drama writing. In other words, it hits harder home.

Besides your spriting comparisons all show one thing: These are two very different eras they are living in. FF5 is a world where things revolve around the base elements, in other words a classical greek story where a hero rises up to slay a nihilistic near immortal villain. X-Death was the classic evil dark lord style of villan, and the fact he was a tree the whole time still cracks me up.
FF6 on the other hand is a steampunk story with elements of noir; Technology is more common, and humans are living more in cities rather then feudal villages. You see some villages on the outskirts of the continents, but normally people live in their respective city states. In the end they rise and fight a maniacally insane villan who has no semblance of human morals, or even a human perspective for that matter. And at the end, he rises up after destroying the Gods to reign supreme over the world, and the heroes go to stop him more out of personal grudges then the "greater" good of the world.

These are two radically different settings, and thus the graphical style is going to be really different to accommodate this. The game went from happy and cheerful in style to grimier and darker in the transition in between the two.

In the end, it's your opinion and that fine and all, but the major thing that bugs me with this poll is the fact there is no FF5 advance option. We got a official english release, yet this one only mentions the old fan translation which has some problems to say the least.

What are you thinking about right now?

Bah, I'll never listen to those arguments. For the longest time I had made a choice not to smoke, but then this year came by and after nearly starving the second time, and enduring bad luck upon bad luck, I finally discovered that I had a option for my stress: I could continue not to smoke and stress out exponentially as each wave of bad luck comes my way, or I could kick back and smoke a 89 cent cigar, and be completely calm with no stress at all.
In the end of the day, when I come home to my apartment and over to my window and chair, that cigar is without a doubt, one of my truest relaxing pleasures in life.