A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Legend of Otaku - a card based rpg with a unique twist (NEED HELP)

Here is my best advice here: First take a sheet of paper, cut it into "cards" and write what they are going to do. If you are going to design a card game, it needs to be practical enough to function without a program as well. Set up a basic "AI" deck for you to fight against. This will let you refine your system.
It sounds like you have alot of ideas here, but not all of them are going to be fun or practical.I get the idea of having stats, it's a rpg staple, but in a deck based battle, card draw and card selection is FAR more important. If you have higher grade cards in MTG for example, you are going to have more options. The same applies to here, and it is for this reason that stats don't work in this format. It just makes the game completely unbalanced and you lose most control to do damage control to try to re-balance it later. Simplicity is your friend.

So, once you work out a practical prototype, go download Game Maker and learn how to use the interface. Don't even dare use rpg maker, you will just dig yourself into a hole where you will spend months, even years using conditional branches, loops, variables and labels in order to even get a demo to function properly.

What've you been up to?

@Kentona: What a year man. Just hang in there.
@Kylalia: I know how that is, I had my debit card stolen in the last year. It always sucks.
@Yellow Magic: App dev is not that terrible, not bad at all.

Well, I'll give a quick recap of my year:
-Went to japan looking for work
-75 days later end up broke and homeless due to having someone steal my debit card when I was sleeping at the hostel
-10 days later after walking from saitama to the airport, I go back to the states
-Work at a little ceasers
-Wages got cut so work at the local bakery
-Temp agency renigged my contract.
-Work at Universal Studios as a magician
-laid off due to no skill in magic
-Work at Girodano's until I realized I could not afford food(I lost 26 pounds, so I got worried about my $260 a month pay check not being enough).
-Left Florida for a job in Tennesse as a camp instructor
-Job finished, waiting for plane ticket from PI firm in Tokyo I managed to get hired at.

Yeah, that about sums up my year. Poverty and work. Joy. It's not that bad though, I got something to look forward to.

What are you thinking about right now?

Eh, no. I'm going to bet that scotland would have probably collapsed in due time, or at least, it would end up like Sealand and become near irrelevant in the global community.

"I'm a douche who created multiple alt accounts to hype my shitty games"

Didn't we have someone like that in the past? I could have sworn we had one guy who had alt accounts and he bickered between them, always fighting and seemingly hating each other. It was... very strange.

That... Would be me. It was a extremely bad year, WIP was irritating with his arbitrary policies, I got laid off from my sales job, then my house burned down and I began to drunk browse, which led to me holding a massive real time debate against myself using two separate browsers. Long story short, I don't drink and surf the internet any more because of that.
I'm still extremely sorry about that time in my life, and I still apologize today about it for all of you who had to sit through the most random introspective debate possible.

In this case, yeah we should not let people use alt accounts to shamelessly advertise. On Saltw I've already banned this guy for the same BS(I've been a lazy moderator there for the past 13 years), he just wants to make more money off of youtube, so he advertises where ever he finds the tag "rpg" in the google search engine.
You are doing the right thing Kentona, thank you for all of you hard work.

What are you thinking about right now?

Well, I have 3 weeks til ship date. And then I'll be in Japan for the next 3 years with my new firm~ Joy. Hey, it's not everyday a man can stop being a magician and become a private investigator. God, what a year.

looking for a old VX game i can't remember

Segnin has been MIA for this entire year, though, so I wouldn't count on him. Just saying.

Ah. Oh, I did not know that. Well, that shows how little I've been able to connect to RMN this year. Oh well.

Would you play a game with HORRIFIC art if the story is REALLY Good?

So basically this topic is talking about a Blurred Line right? It's a classic, but when you compare the artwork to the story, the story is amazing but the artwork is "functional" at best. It basically is my best answer to this entire topic, will I play a game with terrible graphics if it has a good storyline: Look at a Blurred Line and it should be clear.

Ideally, in this medium you want to strike a balance inbetween the two, good story and good graphics, but as LockeZ basically said, we are a community of amateur game developers, most of us use the simplest programs to get a result more quickly then if we had to code it our selves. So the bar is set pretty low.
In the end, I choose story over graphics. As long as that story has gameplay that allows me to progress in a non obtuse fashion that is.

looking for a old VX game i can't remember

also sorry for putting this here, i know theres a topic for old games and having people find them, but i couldn't find it, and where better then general discussion.

You answered your own question here, if you want the game to be found, post in that topic above and describe it as well as you can. Segnin is pratically the local god of RM game history, and if you can get his attention in that thread, your game should be located in no time.

I don't think I would ever call a VX game old though. XD

Dwarf Fortress history generation algorithms?

Well, as a member of the rougelike community(Mostly a tester of 7drl), and as a person who is engineering a proccedially generation of conversations with the archiac event system(It's a task of both insanity and love), I can answer very simply and point you towards some good resources for you to read/listen to that might help.

Well, basically you already have a good idea of what is happening in Dwarf Fortress, everything with a few base exceptions(like plate tetonics for example) is procedially generated. I see that term being tossed arround a bit, but what it really comes down to is that there are a set of logical rules in place as a base. A basic procedial generation of a map might state that there is entrance and a exit, nothing can obstruct moving from one to the other, on top of that there is a river on the map, and in any open space it must expand, unless it obstructs the path to the main entrance and exit, and when this conflict arises, it builds a bridge.
This is the same as dwarf fortress; It's merely a logic puzzle that follows set rules. This is the both the strong, and weak point of any generation, and you might notice that dwarf fortress's histroy suffers it as well; Certainly it is diverse, but it is all very bland and kind of samey after a while.

Here are a couple of places you can read some more on the subject, and hopefully will help you with your IF procedial generation:

Good luck on your quest!

Anime OSTs for GAME BGMs and such?

Hmm... It's a real difficult one to say.
I would say go for it, just make sure it meshes well. I've used music from stiens;gate, digital devil montangi and .hack sign in my work before, so I am not opposed to it.
And yeah, RyaReisender is correct on that point; A good example of this is Technovision, the one time used insert song in the Stiens;Gate visual novel. It literally is only played for one scene, and because of it, most people never heard of it at all. Myself on the other hand, only remember it because of how strange it was for a vocal song out of nowhere.

So, end point: Do it, but have some common sense in use.