A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



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is this Crimson Negus monster from the shitty Perfect World MMO the source of your inspiration
Nope. It is just he would call it. I think neagus means negitive hope in dutch.

EDIT: I've never even HEARD of that site. When the hell did that get there?

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Cute girl. I epically like the finger.

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That part was true. My grandfathers was a half insane sick old man and forced me to learn that swordsmanship style the hard way, which I just recently found out was a style he made up during WW2. It does suprize a ton of people though, with the whrillwind spin in the first strike.

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It's pretty fortunate you decided to come back at the very moment someone just so happened to choose to steal pictures from your very facebook account to post them at this very website.

Incredible stuff. Can we go back to posting pictures, I haven't seen Kentona yet.

Not really. I saw my first photo appear on google a while back and was wondering how the hell it got there. I just found another one a few minuates ago on a different site. I've been going arround the entire net, rounding up my pictures and getting rid of this guy who seems to like posting them.

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Hey is there anyway to stop this kid from mailing me nonstop? I just deleted another ten messages from my email.

The false prince is back!

Ah, What the hell. I'm facesforce, I was a member a while back, but had a nervous meltdown and left. Just found this site again, when I found pictures from my facebook being stolen.

EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot how fun tardis was. I think I'll stay, at least until I get this resolved.

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Screw this kid, he's the one trying to take my damn stuff off of my damn facebook. Ah damn it, I've been posting on saltw and not here because I had a meltdown, alright? So what, I'm not royalty, my grandparents were. Is it so damn bad to play it up for the fun of it?

EDIT: I was thinking of coming back here anyways, besides that, who in the hell is he to accuse me of hacking my own stuff?! THIS is really rich.

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... I was not banned. I just rarely post now. Besides, don't we all burn up inside?

Impossible Video games

Kage: (nes) Break it, Smash it. I was punished by the family for throwing the nes out of the bloody window when I died on the third level for the 142762 time. I still got the count list for how many times I died. '.'

Severe Computer Problem. Assistance/Information Appreciated.

Rah. I had the same virus running loose on my old windows comp as well. I discovered how a lot of assembly code could do the same thing as fixing that regestry. That is not something I think I should mess with ever again, as I fixed the problem but probaly voided the warranty, somehow set it up so vista refuses to update and to top it off now I get ¥ instead of: \. Got any NON-Assembly fixes for that one?