A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Yggdra Union: I swear that this may be one of the most complex gba strategy games I have ever played. Also, the computer cheats more than any other game I have seen to date. I mean, it gets to do constant damage to you plus refuses to drop any healing items in the stages as early as battle field 10? This game hates me.

Your Most Disappointing Game?

Dark Spire: A DS dunjeon crawl that was no way near the standard Shin Megami Tensei set over twelve years ago, and was even miserable against the first pool of raidance dungeon crawl. However, I did like style of the art.

So, I got "Pokemon: SoulSilver"

Okay, uh...what's R4.

The mainline fankit for the ds (That is called a "Flash" kit). It is a jack knife for downloading games off of the net and playing them on the nds or gba, depending on version. NOTE: If questions are being asked, tell them that it is for them to play movies and stuff. Other "Flash kits" are also known as M3, Cyclods, and Arclared 4. Remember the offical US stance is that it is illegal to trade them, but it is legal to own them. Just finished reading up on the battle in between nintendo and the mysterious chinese companies. (Opps, make those "Hong Kong" companies.)

Final Fantasy I & II for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Bl.BELT is a moron with head full of rocks that can one-shot CHAOS barehanded.

My Ninja still seems to steal all the glory from the fight of Chaos. Besides, ever seen a player beat the game with the lowest level possiable? I doubt that it would nearly as fun to try to pull off four white mages at the lowest level possiable of beating it on this new version. I only managed to win against chaos by pure luck and insane attempts to run away during the game. Besides, I love the old classic spell system.

Final Fantasy I & II for the iPhone/iPod Touch

FF1 can only be played on the nes. Play any of the other ports and suddenly you will hear a wishful cry of "Ineffective!" escape your lips. Only the true final fantasty can remind you that BLBT is a moron with head full of rocks when the Nnja steals his kill.

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the royal tutors sure did a good job with you didn't they

I was taught english by a boarding school, which sadly had a poor grasp of english. My spelling will be off for that reason alone. I had no tutors, seeing as the vankleek family supports me in my focus of the ecmonomic arts, namely running a company that produces chocolates. I've gone back to the nederlands, for those whom are curious. It seems harder to find a decent refuge in the united states.

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My house burned down (Real Downer) and I was pulled out by my loyal vassel Richards. Due to this all the film I was going to upload is now gone. (That is really damn great) So now I'm in some hotel express in SC awaiting family aid. Thought you guys would like to know where I've been.

What was the last thing you bought at the time of your reading this?

The running man novel.
A new Blood Alone manga and some silverware.

Melty Blood

On a completely unrelated note, this sounds like something a vampire would order from a greasy spoon diner.
Ironically, your comment could be considered on the same page, as this game features over three vamperic fighters. Bravo.

Melty Blood

I've noticed around the forums that not many people know of a fighter produced by Type-moon that features a extreme concept. This is melty blood, one of the many fighting games in its series that bounds you to its self learning algorithm and forces you to adopt a new style of gameplay. As a bonus to fans of Type-Moon's previous works, All of the fighters are from the ergo visual novel Tsukihime. This fighter is probably unknown due to the fact that it is supposed to be a japan exclusive. However, due to the efforts of the translator group Mirror-Moon, this game has been brought to those whom speak English. It would serve well to warn you, though. There are only three versions designed to play on the pc, two of which have long and tedious text to scroll through. The writing is not that bad, but it can be a little much in between fights. I suggest for simply going on a arcade style romp, get the Act Cadenza ver.B for the pc. It has the most polish and has some glitches fixed.

If you are trying to find a legal copy of this game, look at some import stores or maybe at play-asia.com, but I doubt it for some reason that a legit copy will be easy to find.