A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



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is it bad that he even looks like the guy from A Beautiful Mind?
I just bought that movie on my way home. I'll find out what you mean by tomorrow.
Hey prince Vankleek, I like the big rip in your trousers. Very fancy, screams royalty =D
Hey, that was in style in the netherlands at the time. I dress with a 1930s flair for the new great depression that is about to hit the world, now.

Creating an ABS in RM2k or RM2k3 is like...

Playing DND' with only critical hit faliures instead of perfect 20s.

Today is not that day

Er eens was een doos van sterkraken, ..... maar vandaag is niet die dag.
Wow, my dutch has grown rusty, but today is not that day.

What was the last thing you bought at the time of your reading this?

I just purchased "a wonderful mind". I wanted to see what Tardis keeps comparing me to all the time.

Fallout: New Vegas

edit: Also, San Fran was in Fallout 2 (which took place on the Californian coast) and played a pretty important role. Also, lots of real places showed up in Fallout 2. Redding and Modoc are real places, for instance, and a few other towns on placed on the ruins of real places in California. New Reno, which is just on the other side of the state border, also (obviously) makes an appearance. Even the FEV base is the site of a real military base, I believe. It's pretty awesome when you figure it out and line up the locales with real places on a map.

While they exist in reality, almost every location on the map is skewered on both fallout games by one to two squares instead of where they would be if you used their scale, so it is more like they are in the general proximity of the real-life landmark instead of being an end all map. This was covered in the fallout bible update 4, which I just read for a while. Its nice to see that some of the original developers are getting to mess with thier world, but... Is Tim Cain going to work on this? He was the one whom originally wrote up the Vaults = Government Social Experiments scenario, so I wanted him to work on some of the new ones, like number 21 for that matter.

I propse an Amusing Image thread

Can you whack the mysterious priest?

RMVX Script request: Real-time effects

Alright, I will check it out.

UPDATE: I just finished reading ever single summary on that page and even looked inside some. It has some systems I could use, but none for a proper time system like I am looking for. Thanks for the link, Aten, but it is not going to help me much. Does anyone else know where I can look? I've also just went through creation asylum, so unless they update, I know that it is not there.

Fat people not welcome on dating site.

Strange site. I'm afraid that I would not meet my type of girl on those sites (Shy and/or docile natured. It helps if they are smaller than me as well.), so on my runs to the book store or to the local park I look for them there. So far, 57 failed relationships started this way, although they never fall into the category of my type. Dating sites are best avoided like the plauge, as the only person your going to find will be a complete stranger whom lives far away. Long distance relationships only work when the couple can see each other in person time to time. The name of this site is really amusing though.

RMVX Script request: Real-time effects

Okay, I'll use Superfire's rough formatting. Ahem... Prepare to be amazed at how technical it could be.

Request Specification Form 0000x1
TITLE OF REQUEST: Real-time OS clock effects
MAKER: RMVX 2009 sp1
PROPOSAL: I would like a RMVX script that would allow you to plan events that would be activated by the computer OS's personal calendar and clock (Ergo, Windows Vista and XP clock systems use the same codes in c++). This is so I can orchestrate events to happen on certain times of the players actual gameplay in real time.
EFFECTS: A script that would calculate the OS's system clock into variables, making it a simple matter to set up events to occur on certain days, certain months, certain hours and certain minutes.
EXAMPLE: A event based theater would only be held on Wednsday, and at 6:30pm. This theater in question will only be open in march and only open through the 13-28th of the month.

RMVX Script request: Real-time effects

Hey guys! I need a script that can link up to the computer's clock, as in the clock on windows. It needs not only be there as a clock, but I wish to use variables to generate a real time effect at a certain time. EXAMPLE: At 24:00 a man would apear and open a shop or on july 12, it would take you to an different area instead of the norm.