A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Fallout: New Vegas

Well, the NCR from Fallout 2 had a series of rules on a poster if I remember. Let me try to qoute this correctly, if my memory seves right.
Welcome to the North California Republic! Now your here, why don't you join us? To have your community/providence/territory to be annexed, first sign a petition with at least 20-100 different members of the community and wait at least 3-6 months for your area's request to be processed!

Those were the rules, so it would be simple if Las Vegas signed up for the annexation act of the NCR.

What are you currently reading?

I'm back to re-reading "A Farewell to Arms" by old Ernest Hemingway. I think his work is starting to grow on me, if only a little bit.

Best RM Games you've Ever Played

My turn. Let's see here...

1.Legion Saga 2 (First rm2k game I played with more of a serious tone to it)
2. A Blurred Line (Another really fascinating concept, but it reeks of the running man and non-completion syndrome)
3. Sunset over Imadahl (Great story, great concept, nightmare drinking games)
4. Dragon Heart (I heard this was changed into a different game, but It is still on my high list.)
5. Extrenius (A pseudo-religious space odyssey that takes place in a unusual Renaissance atmosphere, complete with compositions from Bach and Mozart.)
6. Naufragar Crimson (A very funny game, complete with a version of goodnight mary jane that refuses to leave my head. Some aspects were ruined as the sprites had certain attributes that did not change with the story. Also some of the most EVIL puzzles I've seen)
7. The blue contestant (Neat game show concept with a simple but effective gameplay effects.)
8. Generica (Generic Retro Fun! Oh how I miss the days of the 8080 ibc computers of my youth.)
EDIT: Forgot one:
9. Dark Skies (made by a little mean dude. It had the most hilarious story about an evil family of murders and a hier whose body would rapidly matureas he learned that the family affairs are murder and not ice cream factories.

where has polymortis gone?

Yeah, I've been looking for that too. But then again, I can't find what happened to A little mean dude, so it seems most of their sites are gone.

Please consider donating to the Haiti earthquake situation!

I'll donate, but remember that the US H.A.A.R.P., could be causing these disturbances.

Problems with Windows 7

Thieving Bill Gates
you, sir, evidently don't know shit about bill gates. bill gates isn't big brother at all, i hate that he gets such a terrible rap for no good reason.

He stole the inital Os for windows from steve jobs, back when steve jobs was working at atari as a programmer. He was the high school kid that they put bets on as he smashed through arcade machines, at least according to some interviews that were held with atari personnel in the 1980s. Many of these interviews are in: http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-History-Video-Games-Pokemon/dp/0761536434
Which is one of the very few case where someone managed to get these interviews. But it is no real secret that he stole his way to fortune.

Muisc homework help D:

Submitting a Game

I have a question to this effect: If I have one in production game page up, and I would like to post a completed or a continuous updated pet project, would I be allowed to upload the second project and have its download up if my first project is not ready for release at that time?

Problems with Windows 7

It's not as bad as Vista at launch, that I can pretty much agree with; but the amount of hoops I had to jump in order to get things running well is rather ridiculous considering how reliable XP has been for me, a dated product. (Progression usually means going FORWARD, not down and then sideways)

No, Microsoft's OSes work under this pseudo-relevant equation when dealing with progress :
Microsoft = Windows OS = Thieving Bill Gates = progress regression = Make even larger steps backwards = Piece of Crap Computer = Monopoly money = Tough shit

Muisc homework help D: