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Girlfriend problem advice...

I am sick and tired of this. It has been over a week since my girlfriend stopped talking to me. She was a former ex, whom last month decided to run back to me. I've been trying to call her with no avail, trying to message her, also a complete failure. I always loved her, but with these actions...
I'm getting angry. I have tried twenty ways and thirty times to try to communicate with her, but as far as I know the problem is a real pain in the &SS. Here is the clinch line: She was going fine until she went to school. "TILL SHE WENT TO "SCHOOL" "....
I always hated that school and because of which, I put myself in self exiled home-schooling to avoid it. Hell, I've only started to study TESOL and these jokers are still screwing with my life. I mean, all I wanted to do is A. Return to my homeland and become the next Baron of Vankleek and B. Master swordsman ship styles of the crimson Neagus (The style that the Vankleek family has taught for generations). And now my angel, refuses to speak to me.

If nobody has any advice on how to solve this, I daresay that I will take DRASTIC measures against any of those whom stop my quest for information. If these arrogant Tennessee Hick-town Americans stop me, I'll show them exactly how ruthless the nobility of the Vankleek house handles matters of romance. Damn it, I mean are girls hearts this fickle? Or am I just a cold hearted murderous prince to be worried about her betraying me, when every other girl that leaves me gives me BS like: Your the best boyfriend I ever had or I wish I stayed with you.
I believe I will seek a wife next time, instead of this BS.


Have you... tried requesting politely that they take down your stuff without being an asshole about it (I am not calling you an asshole I am just curious)?

Most people (webmasters included) are willing to oblige simple requests if they are made honestly and forthrighteously enough.

edit: Like if someone came to me and said "Could you please stop doing that?" I would, but if they said "Stop doing that or I will take LEGAL ACTION OVER THE INTERNET ABOUT MY RPGMAKER GAME" I would pretty much insist they go fuck themselves.

There is always hacking to acquire the information as needed. Lawyers are not detectives, I know this too well. Remember all you need to sue someone on the net is their ip address and a reason for doing so.

My Girlfriend is Having an Emotional Affair

You know what, feel lucky. My girlfriend has not talked to me in over a week and I'm starting to go crazy wondering what's going on.


Crap. Double post. Sorry, my browser glitched up.


Also, a well written C&D letter will normally either A. Force them to give up or B. Force the web master to release their ip address to the infringe in question and sue them accordingly, as we all know how fast ip address can be located.

Problems with Windows 7

Try hacking rmvx to make it run on vista basic. As far as my vista home premium, it worked on boot up, but now I get updater messages from apple in japanese and in my file dictionaries, I get ¥ instead of \. Face it, windows sucks. Back to my trustworthy free dos on my mono-chrome screen.

Problems with Windows 7

XP to Vista was a pain as well. Let me explain quite simply. Windows 7 was designed from scratch using some of vista's already derelict hardware. As such, these games may work on a laptop that was designed for vista/or designed for windows 7 itself! However, when it comes to the transfer of programs on an XP based hardware, results will vary to extreme degrees. This means you may have lower ability than not. Personally, I am going to wait till the first SP1 or SP2 comes out.

Muisc homework help D:

Free RPG Engines?

Variations in copyright laws by country, not necessarily related to a country's constitution. If all else fails, the UN is there. I'm not well versed in copyright laws, but a country's constitution probably has better stuff to worry about.

Japan's copyright laws will apply as the programs were manufactured in Japan by companies based in Japan, I'm guessing.
Let me elaborate: All countries that cooperate with the UN have a copyright CODE. This is not a variation of the laws in question, but rather a re-telling if you will to make it seem the same and/or different. These laws are international laws, thus falling into the hands of both the UN and INTERPOL in question. The copyright code of the united states and japan are almost the same, as is the fact that we wrote their basic legal system with help of General MacArthur. With this as a hold, majority of the differences in the codes is mainly location, location, location. If you will, majority of them are the same with a few exceptions.

Also, I was pointing out how convenient the collapse of GW was to the decline of RM2k, thus making the legality very blurred as those whom did perform the translations, as they disappeared. Other than me noting how I need to sleep and creating a contrast to me and the person I was chatting with.

Free RPG Engines?

That's the real punch line, isn't it? It seems that all the real action was happening when Gamingw was going strong, and the internet had hundreds of sites devoted to rm2k and their games. RMN here is basically a ghost of everything this community lived through and is slowly rebuilding its self. Well, I've got to get some Zs in for the night, so it has been nice talking to you Dark Gaia. Its nice to know that I am not the only person whom remembers this stuff. Well, good night.