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Free RPG Engines?

Well, it seems like both of them are things that disappeared with the advent of gamingw's fall.

Free RPG Engines?

Russia has plenty of loop holes in its almost insane legal system. But, yeah. We can agree on that. Oh, and the copyright code changes per country, but not the actual laws. ASCII, being a Japanese company has Rm2k covered by japan, meaning the UN as a whole backs up their claims, but when it comes to Russia... Well, let's just say that they write solutions to other people's rules. So Don Miguel was sued? All I remember is that he made a quick exit after RM2k was released, like only about 6 or 7 months after release. Something like that anyways.

Free RPG Engines?

Ah, but this is trumped by one little thing called the international copyrights act of 1891. With the UN and 93% of the world's countries enforcing it, legality is not up for grabs or misinterpretation. The remaining 7% is the percent of countries that are either illiterate or too insignificant for an UN embassy to be set up.

Edit: Note that this is an estimate coming from the UN's bi-annual release of economic statistics.

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Not even me?

Free RPG Engines?

Postality Knights ver was released about one month after Enterbrain announced their translation, thus was technically an obvious breach of the law. Then again, Enterbrain's translation was released a year after the announcement, so postality was the only one up. I remember how the scripts were split, as some would only work on the enterbrain release and others on the postality version.

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Kef, your post is so irrelevant, it just destroyed Erist Van Quinstine's Twenty-seventh law of Relevancy, which means you need to start posting something relevant to the topic at hand and stop ruining my perfect evening of jazz with your... your... Autistic art.

Goals for 2010

Release my TV rmvx visual novel and laugh at all whom call it crap. Also, update said TV nonstop.

Free RPG Engines?

Well at least Don's version was released in a time where their were no real marketing in the english speaking community. On the other hand, stuff like Postality Knights XP ver. was clearly an unwarranted outing made against the commercially released version. Well, nice to know you and I share the same roots at least.

Free RPG Engines?

Okay. Back in the early 2k, the first version I was acquainted to was the engrish of Rm2k, Don Meguil's version. Apparently, it was a Russian engrish translation that was pirated. Had no idea back then, and now I am using my VX software happily, legal mind you. Scratch what I said about those being legal. However, at the time Dark Gaia, I had no way of reading japanese, nor was ASCII willing to translate their ownership copyrights at that time. Come to think of it, the first real legal version of rpg maker for the pc must have been XP. Oh well, times have changed.

Rpg maker Visual Sprite Novels

Actually, I'm going through the Heaven's Feel route right now. That is where I got the idea for making my own, as Nasu's previous entry: Tsukihime, was a lot slower in pace and scripting by far. I am wondering if the same type of action scenes can help sprite based visual novels on rpg maker.