A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Where will you be in 10 years? (Discussion)

I'll be 27. I have three futures in front of me as it stands and they are:
A. Researcher trying to finish my time stitches theriom, B. Teacher of English as a second language (What I am studying now), and C. A small cafe owner.
Either way, the world is doomed so I will give final case scenario:
D.Wasteland Knight.

Yes, this is what I want to be if the end of the world comes in ten years.

Black Gear : A story in a steel imperialistic gritty deisel-punk world

I understand. Egards! Well, this is only my rough draft of the second revision after all. And to think that in six years, I am supposed to teach foreigners English... WELL, it is only my third week in, after all. I originally formatted it in page plus to simulate the appearance of a book, if you will. The layout has been changed 3 times to work on the net, and none of them has come out well. I had my professor check it out yesterday, and he told me we would get working on the script next week, so do not expect a revision until that time. Trust me, this is much better than my prototype revision 1. I don't plan to even LOOK at publishing this until 2012 (Just enough time to get the rest of it typed up and fine tuned). Other than that, thank you everybody for giving me helpful advice. Oh, and I tried to make paragraphs, but it did not take for some reason. I'm going to fix the italics tomorrow.

What are you working on now?

II am working on a adventure rpg based around either talking spirits through their debates with deadly consequences and a basic search and explore game with a side focused on improving their technological skills, and a RMVX visual novel pet project, that is going to be a TV with cut scenes galore (Duh! Its a TV with rmvx sprites!) So far I have the "Generic Hero Show" episode 1 done and the evil-mart commercial.

What are you currently reading?

Thank you, Tardis.

Black Gear : A story in a steel imperialistic gritty deisel-punk world

Well some of it is intentional, to simulate actual speech patterns from most people. I don't believe very many people in this type of setting would speak properly, so I tried to slip up on some speech to make it more realistic. But, yeah. I'll take it to my English professor and have him help me to fix it up. Oh, but for the part about "a raise", I meant for it to sound that way, as the MC was only hearing their echoes in the distance and thus cut off the last part to that sentence.

What are you currently reading?

Hey, orig. What is the code for italics?

Black Gear : A story in a steel imperialistic gritty deisel-punk world

Thank you. This is actually my second draft of this one, and the formatting changed as I posted in here. I will try to fix the formatting, as that is probably why it was hard to read. Originally, the pov swap had italics around them, and I will forcibly put them in place once I can remember the code for it. I typed it with the thought of giving the reader a different perception from normal novels. Also, this is a rough draft of the finished product, so thank you meh_ch, for enlightening me to these grievous flaws.

EDIT: RAWWH! I can't remember the code for italics, so you will be forced to imagine them, lest one of you like to tell me them. I have redone the horrible formatting till it looks like some shadow of its former self. meh_ch, The thing with the perception in that it needs those italics in place. I also am fixing some parts of the grammar and wording such as "A legendary tooth trader", has been changed to: "A legendary tooth merchant." . A merchant fits into this world's legends better than a trader. I'm still looking for that "you're" of yours, but I'm afraid a lot of the grammar mistakes were made by my spell checking program. Also, can some one give me the code for italics. I can't remember how html formatting goes.


I had a nightmare recently. I was performing one of my experiments with compressing electromagnetism waves into a high density beam(aka ray gun) and I was running tests on the Schumann Resonance, when something went wrong and I started to see this nightmare. It took place in a pseudo-America type place, except for the fact everybody was a soulless doll, wearing the same creepy smile. I turned around and they all faced me. I was surrounded by these empty vessels, these things that take a human's place, but is not truly human. I began to run and reality started to warp til I saw gallows standing before me, and all I could do is run towards them. I woke up with a cold sweat standing in a crowd three blocks away from my apartment with one of my monochrome screens under my arm. I really need to stop experimenting with the Schumann resonance. I think that it might be creating some kind of a hypnosis on me, not surprising seeing how the Schumann resonance is supposed to be linked to the human mind.

What are you currently reading?

I'm reading "Legacies" by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Not top league fiction, but he is a really interesting author. I'm enjoying it at the very least. I agree Orig, The little prince is an awesome book. I own the 1964 printing edition. I love classic pulp.

Iscribble (Very very NSFW)

.... Tardis is reaching lift off!