A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



What are you thinking about right now?

Your avatar is a cranky old man, so when you complain about things that make you sound like a cranky old man, it doesn't come across as super sarcastic.

Bah, and next you're going to tell me that the Red Green show is not on air anymore.
No, I see what you're saying; Besides, sarcasm never my strong suit.

A terrible idea sparked a terrible tee-shirt. Good lords, the lengths of how far I will go to try to make my blog work.

Another thrilling day of waiting on my plane ticket. Hee-hum.

What are you thinking about right now?

EDIT: I am not attacking you personally. I just hate this idea that people have where everything new can't stand up to everything old. It's dumb.

None taken. That was my form of sarcasm, which like always, does not work well without actually seeing me in person.

I slept in again, and now I've finished my last drama...Damn. I need to find something to do.

Gedday fellas, I'm here to stay for now!


My god, it's Minrou Shiraishi! Nah, I am just kidding.

Aha, welcome to Rmn. I remember you from about 5 years back or so, you came out with some custom textures for Neverwinter at that time, right? XD Well, glad to have you on board.

I still boot up the old toolset every now and then for Nostalgia's sake.

It seems you have the same relationship with it as I do with rpg maker 95. XD

What are you thinking about right now?

*sigh* Things never are as good as they used to be. This is a universal truth.

I agree with the Trailer Park Boys mention, the new season is just lacking the soul of the past seasons(Although, there are many episodes of TPB that are more social commentary then funny sometimes...)

The Notice button is driving me mad! I keep expecting my review to go up, and NOPE, just anouther post to the contest. *sigh*

Me learning Japanese from a Japanese RPG maker site

Wow, so many different methods. Well, it seems that there is one thing that has not been mentioned much, but then again, this is my personal opinion of course;
Spoken japanese is different from written japanese.

This was a problem I ran into time and time when I was living in nishikawaguchi. Of course, my best advice is going to be very simple; Learn Hiragana above all else, you do not necessarily have to learn how to write japanese characters, but by all means memorize them. Your goal is to have reading comprehension above all else, so just like when you were a child in grammar school, make a list of 10 kanji a week and memorize them on sight. Test yourself every 4 weeks.

And for the spoken portion of japanese, my best advice is simple; Buy yourself a phrasebook or google some basic japanese phrases, and watch japanese soap operas.

Yes, I said soap opera, and not anime, or any sort of comedy drama; Your first major milestone will be recognizing certain words and natural sentence structure within the conversations. (This is important in any language). Many of the japanese soap operas I used to study with have normal, everyday style conversations, allowing you to natrually let your vocabulary expand by listening to them speak. Look up the new words you hear, write it down and add it to your list to study each week.

A good place for you to start would be "Tokyo Rabu Sutori", as any conversation that Kanji has with Satomi and Mikami are very natrual speech, while his boss uses a more proper way of speech, and Rika a very modern(for '91) way speech. This is probably the best way to learn spoken japanese outside of just going to japan and socializing. Or at least, it's what works for me.

Feeling like I might hurt myself

I'll be honest; Do whatever you like. I would perfer you not to hurt yourself, but as my faith as a Messian dictates, pain can be a form of discipline as well.

I personally don't like to deal with people who are gay in my personal life, but hey what can I say, I am a 1920s sort of man, and you know what they say, it takes all sorts to make the world colorful.

So, my best advice is for you to calm down, meditate and simply consider your position. Hold whatever decision you make like a card in a hand of spades; play it only if it will play off whom ever is your teammate. That will get you pretty far in life.

What are you thinking about right now?

I'm debating if I should go back to sleep for an hour before work starts, or just have another cup of coffee and sketch for a bit...

Also, I'm looking at all the rules on the RPGology Contest and wondering what the heck that's all about.

Ahaha, good luck if you can figure it out. I've decided to just swing for it with a turn based version of a run and gun. XD (I have no idea how to understand them either)

So, anouther fruitful day of studying Confucius, trying to figure out how to mix southern sensibilities with eastern philosophy. Bit by bit, this mixture of American Southern thought, with the teachings of the romans, greeks, germans, iranians, chinese, japanese, and indian tradition is coming out with a extremely pragmatic result, although now I am studying, it seems the common agreed punishments are grim indeed.

I hope my plane ticket comes sooner then later so I can have something better to do.

Did you ever had a close to death experience?

Let me see, I only have about two major events that would count as a near death experiences.

The first time was when I was 11 and my step uncle decided to point a shotgun at me and my father, because we were digging up a road bump the man had decided to set up in the middle of a public street, that damaged my father's porche when he rode over it. Luckily for me, my father is a bit of a terrifying person at times, and he put himself in between me and the shotgun and scared him with mere shouting.

The second time was of course, 5 years ago when me and my family woke up surrounded by flames. The gun stash had just caught fire, as had the moonshine, so bullets were exploding, sending shrapnel everywhere. We all luckily escaped the cabin before the roof began to cave in.

The third time, and I am not sure this would count, was last year in japan. I went on a 75 day trip to move there... And I ran out of money with 11 days and 2 hours to go. I was in Saitama, and my return ticket was at haneda airport, over 80 miles south of me... So I started walking.

Day 3, I exhausted the last of my rations(Three onigiri, 1 for each day...). By Day 5, the sky tree was in sight. I would walk until my feet would scream, and walk some more. Find a park, a place to hide at late night, and sleep wrapped in my sleeping bad and tarp. Day 6, Shibuya. Day 7, I made it to lower shinigawa, my feet begin to bleed, I keep walking. On the 8th day, I made it outside of the airport, and for the first time in my life, I collapsed face first into the grass. I remember a kid asking me if I was alright, and I in my infinite pride, managed to say "Hai, dajoubu desu.".

It was the next day when I awoke, I discovered I could no longer walk further then a half mile before my body would give out. I was literally at the verge of starvation, about to die because I used up too much and had no food to fuel my body. I was going to die, in such a pathetic way. I considered stealing from a convience store, but I knew my odds of getting away were terrible, I was the only white man for miles arround. On the 9th day, I found I needed to sleep most of the day, because I had no energy to spare, Death was knocking.

On the 10th day of the entire quest, or the 7th of no food, I finally prayed to God for salvation for I would die that night of starvation, and behold it came; A japanese woman named yuko came up to me, read my name tag and brought me to her apartment. Her husband had left her that day, and she wanted someone to talk to. In exchange, she cooked me a feast and baked me a loaf of bread. Trust me, the religious symbolism was not wasted on me. She promptly tossed me out to the street with my clothes clean and the loaf of bread wrapped in a cloth.

I am ashamed to say, I eat most of that loaf that night in the park, and saved a small piece for morning. That was the closest I have ever came to death, and I respect food more now then ever before.

Ok, so What the Heck is #shump?

I will say this: This site certainly has changed in the last 6 years I came here.
#shump, the Wipdom, Magi's madness, not to mention my own emotional deal, the rise of Kentona and yeah! A whole lot of history best left alone.

For what it is worth, I believe RMN has finally reached the level of Gamingw back in the pioneer days of RM. It is only due to the ordeals that this site has faced, and surpassed, that really has made this one of the few civil places in the community that does not have some clandestine secrecy.

*cough*Filtering actually keeps people in line*cough* *cough*

What are you thinking about right now?

I wasn't on yesterday so...

Happy birthday to whoever's birthday it was recently, is today, or will be in the near foreseeable future.

Actually, my birthday is on Saturday, so happy birthday to me, but I doubt that it will actually be happy.

Ahahaha, thank you as well~ Happy birthday to you as well.

So, I narrowly avoided getting questioned by the military today, and have plotted my course to leave the country once more. ...Funny, it sounded a lot more innocent then it sounds now I am typing it. Strange how that happens. Either way, the only thing in my mind is that I hope my new apartment won't be too small...