A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Wait, I need to introduce myself?!

Nice to meet you as well.

How did you find rpgmaker.net and why did you stick around?

Found it about a month ago. I loss interest in rpg maker 2k after the last few updates on gamingw started to disappear on 2004. I was an active member, but I never posted more than a piece of crap sprite gallery and a blog post on an awesome storyline I wrote. I found RMN when I was looking for whatever happened to gamingw and its vast archive of games. I still can't find links to my favorite games anymore...

Hello Boys & Girls =)

Yaoi: Literally "Attacker, Receiver" in Japanese Well... They are basically boy love comics in between two gay males or 1 gay guy after one insecure male lead. Besides, the translation says it all.
Shonen: Literally "Few Years" in Japanese. It is a reference to young boys from age of seven and up. However, categories are normally broken and lots of these manga and animes are aimed at older males as well. Normally mean plenty of fast action filled with gags.
I can't translate shojo myself, but these are usually girl orientated gerne focusing on more serious relationships such as family and romance on an higher level then that in shonen. Nice to meet you as well.

Wait, I need to introduce myself?!

Good day my dear friends. My name is Sir Jerel Edward Rogers Vi Vankleek the first prince of the noble house of Vankleek. Or should I say former noble house... Either way my intrests mainly center around anime. I know many hate it, and I know few love it, but here I am. I am also a fan of all high electronics, robotics, and ELF wavelengths to be used in accordance with the schumann resonance, only for a secret project which does not deal with mind control in the very least. I'm also an avid writer and a poor artist whose works always lack a certain something. Oh, and I'm also a open supporter of war, so add warmongering to my list of hobbies. I am the same Facesforce from Gamingw from ten years ago, so those whom reconize the name will soon realize that it is my internet avatar of choice. It's nice to meet all of you as well.