A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Post an insane lie about the person above you

Kylaila is actually the lead detective in the mystery known as RMN! But in reality, Kylaila has been extorting the cast! But in reality, Kylaila is the victim all along, caught up in a conspiracy forcing Kylaila to take part in the mystery! But in reality, Kylaila is actually a bird and has been on the prowl to hide the feather trail.

Breaking the fourth wall: fun or not?

Well, here is the thing about breaking the fourth wall; Sometimes it is done correctly, and other times it is done really poorly, and most of the time in rpg maker it is done absolutely terribly.

It comes down to how the deleviery is; For example, let's look at two dramas that I have recently been watching, that is "Castle" and "私の嫌いな探偵; The Private Detective That I Don't Like"(And yes, one is american and the other japanese)
In Castle there are a ton of forth wall breaking moments where the main lead Nathon hints that he was on "Firefly". These are well executed, and overall lead to making people smile, which in the realm of fourth wall breaking is what you want. You don't expect a laugh when you break the fourth wall, you expect a smile.

In "私の嫌いな探偵", both of the main characters realize that they are in a ridiculous japanese detective show, and at times they break the fourth wall with hints at being self aware, only to cover it up hypothetically. This is very playful, and amusing, but it is not very funny, just enough to make you smile. In other words:

That is the main problem with fourth wall humor; Not everybody takes a hint or quite understand if this is supposed to be funny or not. Now I have addressed the common pitfalls in television, let's address it in rpg maker games: It normally does not work well at all. The reason this is a hard form of humor to come across in a rpg is because of the medium. At the beginning of playing the game, often the player has experienced years upon years of bad humor in games, and is desensitized to it.

Now I am not saying for you not put fourth wall breaking humor in your game, by all means go ahead! Just don't be disappointed. In the end, my best advice is these 3 things:
1.Do some research: Watch some Carlin, watch a couple of movies where the fourth wall is broken on a normal basis(Wayne's world comes to mind sadly -_-'''). The more research you do, the funnier your jokes will be. Also, play Kentona's "I expect you to die" for a short, but good example of old school rm2k humor.

2.Make a rant: Grab a friend and come up with a few bits. If you can make them laugh(Borrow jokes if you must! Everyone does that in the beginning!), you are well on the way to making your game absolutely hilarious. Also, remember your audience!

3.Don't overuse it: Over using a joke can do one of two things: It can make it funnier by reference, or it can make it feel cheap. And cheap in this case is bad. It all comes down to how you deliver in the end.

EDIT: I spent the entire time people were putting up replies to type this. Sorry about that! And yes, Deadpool is a perfect execution of breaking the wall.

Anime List

Well, this is a topic I have alot of experience with, and yes I am going to make a blunt disclaimer that will probably get me assassinated: 85% of all anime is terrible. And I am saying that as a man who went to japan to go and watch the stiens;gate movie on the silver screen, so... I know how bad my tastes can be.

My favorite Anime is going to have to be either Baccano! or Fate Zero. Baccano, with it's slick presentation and Tarantino-equese way of telling it's story sold me with a flash. I have alot of respect for Fate Zero as well, for Gen Urobuchi to take the train wreck that is fate stay night(I love the visual novel of Fate, but I will be honest, it has alot of weak story elements), and make it into a almost movie quality of professionalism. I want to add Stiens;Gate, but I am a little to biased for that; I loved Stiens;Gate to the point I watched the movie on opening day... XD

So, movie time! Hands down, all of the Kara no Kyoukai films (Am I outing myself as a shameless Type-moon fan here?) are beautiful works of both animation, emotion and storytelling. Right after that, I am going to stick to the old Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. It had such stunning visuals, with a character with such a presence that inspires even the viewer with a sense of patriotism for neo-zeon. Of course, the movie is flawed, but it is one of my favorites.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

*sigh* I should give up, I really should! *sob*
I am working on a complete pre-evented text based combat system that has a class system. So, in other words, every fight I have to script to be different and give the player new class specific options.
A example would be that a dual blader would just run into a bar filled with goblin mobsters, kick over a table and stab a goblin through it, while a sorcerer would be forced to dodge around the room, avoiding getting shot while charging up his magic.(Note that everything is in ascii and described)

Possible? Oh yes. Mind mindbogglingly annoying to set up the stored variables and repetitively playtesting due to dice rolls? You know it.

I am tempted to just make it if combat somehow goes past 150 turns to just kill the player off. So tempting...
However, the most it has gotten is to 47 turns in my currant test bed, with only one table and three tommy gun wielding goblins. Thank gods.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@0range00: Ahahah, I know right? I started on magnavox myself when I was a kid, so I always have held a soft spot for ascii graphics.

@korry_toombs: Hmm... Your samurai fishing forest is lacking any sort of landmarks. Not sure how you would fix that though.

@Chaosvine: Great looking set you have there
@Link_2112: It looks like the art style used in freeski 95. XD I approve.

And finally, I managed to get the desert looking good, so now I face another daunting task: How to make a ascii/minimal tileset make a forest. I am not sure there is any good way to do this however. So, here is my attempt at a forest surrounding a wooden cabin and a small river behind it. Any suggestions?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Calunio: I think they are perfect. Kind of gives me this fist of the north star vibe a little bit.

@Xenomic: And that is what I call a good dungeon. I am kind of interested to see where your eventing will come in play, but yes, adding in those holes makes it feel much more organic. Ahaha, I am glad I could guess where the tileset was from. XD
I seriously don't see any real flaws with it at all; It does not look repetitive for a single section.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Karins: The town looks pretty good, but the main thing that sticks out in mind is the house with no windows in the center and in front of the lake. The lower left house looks a bit suspect as well, but not shabby at all!

@Xenomic: Is that a touhou sprite I spy? The tileset choice reminds me of the final dungeon in ff5 for some reason.

Well, after sitting down and trying to figure out how to solve the floor issue. (Yellow on black does not irritate my eyes, but my sister repeated the same sentiment as Tungermanu). So, I decided to slim up the wall tiles by one line, and then I created a wave texture with a slightly darker shade of yellow so it would not clash as bad. Besides, I feel like waves look more like sand either way. Do you think these changes work well? (The torches by the portal change colors btw)

Oh, and thank you guys for giving me some good criticism. It's hard to work out some of these things by yourself sometimes.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

If anyone remembers my ascii rmvx project, it is slowly growing organically~
This is a screenshot of a crashed space ship with the dazed engineer trying to figure out what happened, in the middle of a canyon wall in a desert next to a portal.
Yup. Ascii requires some imagination.

Should I change any of the tileset, or does it look like it will work?
Remember, it is supposed to look like a pseudo-ascii style(The brick-walls I made betray this a little, but they work well in my eyes.

What are you thinking about right now?

I just stumbled onto a topic I posted on 2 years ago, and am now sitting here in wonder that 1. I don't remember posting any of that, and 2. that the person I was before I lived in Japan, was amazingly a sociopath with a complete authority complex...

And now I am just a happy wandering frood whom wants to goto Australia. What japan has done to me... It's kind of scary, that mentality change in the course of 2 years.

Total Moron's Guide to IRC (using Mibbit)

Hmm... If I remember, last time I connected over a year ago, I was insta-banned before I could even post once.
EDIT: Opps, it looks like I should have read this topic again. Been forever since I posted any of that, completely forgot.

Even so, we really should try to get the irc back up and running.