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Having trouble with A boss battle/Enemy shown on screen

Hello, I am new to the Rpg Maker world, and have just purchased Rpg Maker MV as my son and I would like to make a fun game together. I don't have any programming knowledge so have been trying to educate myself with switches and what i wish to do is make a Boss appear on screen, say as an enemy sprite and then a battle commences and afterwards he disappears. The problem is the boss keeps coming back on screen, no matter what I try, i will paste what i have done and see if anyone can see what i did wrong. 

Thank you.

On the first event page I set it to this

◆Battle Processing:Orc
◆Control Switches:#0002 OrcSmellyDefeat = ON
◆Control Self Switch:A = ON

On the second event page i did this
Removed the sprite of the orc.

and i clicked self switch A on left hand side.

◆Control Switches:#0002 OrcSmellyDefeat = OFF
◆Control Self Switch:A = OFF
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