Ideas on how to do a Shapeshifter Class/Actor?

So uh yeah, I'm trying to make a short RPG (using VX Ace) as a gift for a friend and I'd like to make one of the characters a shapeshifter but I'm not really sure how to go about shapeshifter I mean a character that has several sets of abilties and/or stats depending on their form and can change them mid battle and through the use of a script (ie. Yanfly's Visual Battlers) have their in batle sprite/face change to reflect that.

Here's what I was thinking but I don't know if it's even possible:

Create several Classes that represent each form including the base form (which it reverts to after battle), the base form has a single ability called "shift" and the other ones have form specific abilities as well as a "revert" command that returns the user to base form.

So uh yeah is this possible at all, if not I'm open to anyway to accomplish this it's very important to my story idea.

Does anyone know a better way to add new tiles-sets (RPGMVXACE)

pretty much the title...I don't know if I just suck but it takes me hours to add a new tileset and frankly I like to vary my towns and dungeons as much as possible so I use alot of them

I always seem to be slightly off the grid, sometimes it doesn't properly clear out the background, and various other issues that require me to flip between photoshop and the database (filling out A1-5, B,C & D)

So has anyone built a program or maybe just a good tutorial (video tut preffered) that could help me out.

Any suggestions on good CO-OP/Multiplayer RPG Games?

Pretty much the title...My gamer girl and I love experiences RPGs together even if we just takes turns playing but we discovered the greatness that is the Tales series (we've already played through Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia) and now were addicted to CO-OP RPGs and hoping more exist so I figured I ask at a few of my favorite forums.

So yeah we literally JUST finished Vesperia so were looking for another one, now we really prefer a standard RPG as opposed to something like Diablo but feel free to suggest anything also We'd prefer games on NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii or Gamecube since I own all those systems but if there's an awesome enough game I might hunt down the relevant system (including PS3 since PS4s release will likely lower its price).

So far I'm looking into Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Diablo 3 (Xbox360), Borderlands 2 (she might not like this one), and hopefully I can find the other tales games (would appreciate a list actually)but I'm sure theres WAY more than that so please lay your suggestions on me...vague, obscure, limited release I don't care as long as you think it would be fun.

So yeah go nuts suggest away

Has anyone figured out how to doa Tactics game in RPG Maker?

Just wondering because I love tactics games and goods ones are SO hard to come by. I'm talking about games like Final Fantasy Tactics with multiple classes both generic and "Hero" character, lots of unique items with fun flavour text, freely switch between jobs (with certian pre-reqs)

I was just wondering if anyones managed to do make a script or w/e (sorry I'm new to the creation side of RPGM) because I was hoping to make a short game for my friends to mess with and maybe I'd post it here if they deemed it to be fun.
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