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[RMVX ACE] Recruiting a Team for Storms of April

Game Synopsis
The story revolves around a seventeen year old girl April who finds herself transported to a magical land. There, powerful magicians called Storm Magi rule the lands, each catering to a special element. April soon discovers that she too has a power, and is one of a dying breed - a Thunderstorm Magi, a special Magician that draws their powers from the energies around them. She wants nothing more than to return home, but to do so, she must find a source of energy with enough power to send her back to Earth. To gather that energy, she's told to harness the powers of all the storms and become mightier than she could have ever dreamed. Meeting new friends along the way, and with a formidable foe on her tail, she goes on quest to discover not only the various magical Kingdoms, but also herself in the process...

8 Elemental Storm Magi:
- Thunderstorm, magical casters of lightning who gather their magic from the storm energies around them
- Eathstorm, tanky sword-wielders who can call upon the defenses of the Earth
- Rainstorm, peaceful healers with the ability to wash away your wounds
- Snowstorm, magical casters with tanky qualities, these magicians are as cold and tough as ice
- Firestorm, a stealthy ninja class with pyromanic tendencies
- Windstorm, quick and graceful archers with the ability to cast strong wind spells
- Starstorm, mysterious casters that harness the energies of time and space to cast powerful offensive spells while also healing their allies
- Sandstorm, an almost barbaric class of axe and hammer wielders
4 Fun Crafting Professions:
- Harvesting: gather herbs and magical dust for your crafts
- Alchemy: create powerful potions and status dispelling treatments
- Enchanting: upgrade your weapons and armor to more powerful versions, including giving them sockets with which to place stat-upgrading crystals
- Fulgurgy: craft powerful crystals with stat enhancing benefits to place into your gear

Sail the seas, traverse mountains, and navigate mazes while April discovers each elemental Kingdom, including the war torn Earth & Fire countries, in order to channel powerful leyspheres, areas of immense condensed elemental energy.

Screenshots are on my game page.
Staff Recruitment:
First of all, a quick note. Storms of April started out as a personal project. It's based on a story I wanted to write way back in High School, but never got around to doing. Now I'm trying to translate the story into a gaming format via RPG Maker. If you play the demo, you'll see the problem with that (major issue: way too much dialogue and back story at the beginning). I see the potential in this story as a game and I really want it to see the light of day, but I recognize the need to change it. That being said - I am open to major changes in this game with the help of my staff. I am more than willing (in fact, I want) to relinquish full control of "my" game and to instead make it "our" game. I want this to be a full team effort and not just the creative musings of a dreamer who will end up driving it into the ground. I fully believe in the concept of collaboration, and I am very excited to be opening this up.

The following are the roles I'd love to help me with this project, followed by optional-but-awesome-to-have roles. This is a free game and therefore all work you do for me will not be compensated.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send me a message on this website with samples of your work. You may apply for more than one position, and each position may be open to more than one person.

All staff members are expected to keep in contact with me in one way or another and also other staff members as they relate to your role. Communication includes e-mail, Skype, this website, whatever. Let's all be friends!

Finally: this is the first time I've 1) recruited and managed a team for RPG Maker, and 2) even been part of a team. Please be patient with me!

Directer: FallenLorelei (me). I'll be helping out all positions - you won't be alone :)

Needed / Urgent:
These positions will be able to help immediately with Chapter 1 as it stands now, so we can release a relatively decent version.

  • Creative Writer & Storyboarder: Responsible for creative elements within the game's story, including extra lore & history, filling in plot holes, and helping with dialogue. Also responsible for the planning and sequencing of main story elements within the game. For example: I have an hour of dialogue/introduction in the demo right now. Let's split it up and make the intro more engaging.
    * Note for this position: I already have the main skeleton of the entire game, Chapters 1 ~ 7, planned out. We can change it and flesh it out as we see fit, but you don't have to feel responsible for creating the entire story :)
  • Battle, Item, & Database Manager: Responsible for balancing enemy encounters with character skills, weapons, and armor (keep the fights interesting). Responsible for balancing gold and item drops, and to some extent EXP. Also may create items and weapons/armor (I currently have enough weapons/armor to last until around level 20, but feel free to get creative if you want).

Could Use...:
These positions I don't necessarily need right now for Chapter 1 mostly because it's already been completed, but if you're passionate about this project and want to change / fix up some things, feel free to apply. However, I will need these for future chapters.

  • Mapper: Look at the screenshots or play the demo to see my mapping style (after modern day introduction, as the setting is primarily fantasy). I like parallax mapping, but for smaller scenes, editor mapping is fine too. I'll simply need to see samples. This position is not urgently needed at this time because most of the maps are already completed for Chapter 1, but feel free to apply if you'd like to change them, or if you want to call dibs for future chapters :)
  • Scripter: This position is borderline optional, but it would be really nice to have some programmers in the project. Let's make this game unique and one-of-a-kind! Because this position is relatively optional, I don't have any plans for scripting to implement (I already use a bunch of free ones that are fine enough), but if you're interested - send me a message with your ideas!

But really really want ;) These positions aren't necessarily needed but would just be amazing and great to have. Most of these roles are typically paid work, which is why I am not getting my hopes up.

  • Artist: Creation of busts and facesets for major characters and party members. Also creation of custom battlers for monsters.
  • Pixel Artist: Creation of sprites to match new busts/facesets assuming I have an artist, along with monsters to roam the map. Also creation of custom icons for skills/items/weapons/armors. If you can only do one or the other, that's fine too.
  • Composer: Want to make some beautiful music for my maps? That'd super cool, thanks ;)

If you're interested in a trade agreement, here is what I am willing to do for you.
  • Mapping: You'll need to provide the tilesets, unless it is RTP.
  • Creative Writing: I'm confident in my abilities to come up with stories and lore, and helping you flesh out your own story. My weakpoint would have to be dialogue and making characters sound unique, unfortunately.
  • Editor: Me has good grammar, yes?
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