EpiQuest 2

So will you fix it? Or will you drop it? It sounds really interesting and I'd really like to play it.

EpiQuest 2

So you won't be finishing the game?


I probably can fix that after thw eekend. Not sure what the orbs mean. Chances are they're just colors. I'll check it out. It has probably been fixed in my next game.

Not sure how to accurately describe it. As an example, in the magical elements, there are four light blue orbs, or circles, that are different sizes. And in the physical elements, there are mushrooms that symbolize different physical elements. I hope that this makes it a bit more clearer as to what I'm talking about.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy Review

Seriously? You thought the plot was that good? I don't see what was so edgy about it. This isn't that great of a game. Granted, Darius is an interesting villain with some good motive and he was already twisted before he had black magic. The main character is named after the worst main character in the history of gaming. Vahn and Hans don't have too much motivation other than "the king said so". And the worst part, the boss battles aren't even boss battles. They're just slightly stronger monsters.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

This game is way too easy, the boss battles are complete pushovers. It feels like you're insulting me as a gamer. There's little reason for Hans to leave the party other than "the king said so". Honestly, probably the worst game I've ever played.


Can you tell me what the orbs mean for the elements in the enemy info screen? I have almost no idea what they mean, you don't even have a note in the notebook for it. Also, after I fought the shaman the boss music played when I went into battle in the overworld. The same thing happened after I fought the angels in the tower. Can you fix that?
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