[RMVX ACE] Need spriter and tile set maker (PAID)

Looking at making a ww1 game so will need a spriter to make different soldiers/ weapons possibly. Will be paid.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for a composer [PAID!]

Need a composer to make a few tunes for my game. It is a medieval swords and sorcery adventure. I have a short list of environments I will need the music for and inspiration of what it should sound like. PM me if interested! Of course will pay you too!

[RMVX ACE] Looking for a mapper [PAID!]

Hey everyone, I have a new project I am working on. Swords/sorcery/medieval type of game. I have the engine built, the entire story written, the characters, environments, items, systems all built. The only thing lacking? The maps. I am awful at making maps! I have the world map built and can provide descriptions in what I want for each zone/map and how many maps would need to be built for each area. And yes, I will pay you! Please PM me if interested and include samples of your work. Thanks!

Project Dread Review

Thanks again for the feedback by chance did you play through all 3 endings?

Project Dread Review

Thanks so much for reviewing this! I had no idea about that bug with the H-suit puzzle!!! Will work on this right away as well as some spelling issues.
Regarding the shoot through walls, it uses the falcao ABS pearl system, unfortunately it is built in the engine and there has not been a work around without breaking another part of the script/engine. Will get to work on fixing the bugs you mentioned . Thanks again!
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