Ahoy, bring me an ale, hic!
Unholy Sword
An evil quest to save the world from light and kindness.



FBU's Pack of Tilesets (VX, Ace & 2k/3)

Merry Christmas (Tiles for VX/VX Ace)

Thank you all for the nice comments =)

Liberty, maybe when I have more stuff to create a pack, I'll include this. But thanks for the suggestion! =)

Happy Holidays to all!

Merry Christmas (Tiles for VX/VX Ace)

Hello folks! I want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. I bring you some of my latest works with RPG Maker VX Ace. I hope you like them. These are some A4 sets and some christmas themed objects for you to use at your free will. Don't forget to credit Mack if you use the tree. That's it. Happy Holidays!


That's it, friends.
Enjoy a very happy christmas and new year's eve! =)

Epic Elf 2

Yeah, it's no Pom Gets Wi-Fi or any other buzzing game, but that's the way the underground works! Some games take off, and others kick rocks!
Sadly, I had to start again because my save wouldn't work on the full version (I was playing the demo version I had saved here in my external hard drive).

Anyway, what you say is true, Spirit. Some games don't need make up or pretty graphics. They need a good story and good characters that catch your attention and make you want to play with them. Your games have that charm that few RPG Maker games have, no matter how good they look.

So... yeah, I'm addicted to these fantastic RPG Maker games. I don't think I need to tell you how much of a fan I am of your adventures.

Now, some questions I have about what I've already played.

1. When one of the two guys in the north of Village of Angels tells me "You can keep knocking but you can't come in." Is that a reference to Little Richard's song? Or "Bend Down Low" from Bob Marley's early career? I really like to dig this stuff and to know what kind of music people listen. Just curious =)

2. I love the battles. They are very balanced and the enemies have so many skills. Keeps the game in a good mood and it never gets boring.

3. The secondary quests are really great as well. Simple, but keep the game rolling and always lead to funny situations envolving Dagree.

4. I'm a little worried about the lady with big boobs in the peak of the village... is that a secondary quest that appears later on the game or she is really just dead and nobody cares for her? Hehe.

I'll keep posting while I'm playing. Keep up the good work, dude! ;)

Epic Elf 2

YES :D I'm already playing this, won't be out of my cave for the next three days! Very good mapping, by the way =)

Obs. Oh, and the battles are very nice. I already have my minion, now it's getting interesting. :)

Epic Elf 2

Doooooownloooooooadiiiiiiiiing nooooooooooooow, Dagreeeeee! =)


You always mapped your scenes pretty good. But it's nice to see Epic Elf in other graphics :) Very good!

Epic Elf 2

Can't wait to play this. :)

Unholy Sword

Come on, folks. Did you play the game?? I need your opinion. I'll even give you some cookies for free.

Unholy Sword

Done! Here you go, friends. :)
New beta, new stuff, only 11mb. WoW :D
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