Memories From a Dream

hopefully you can level up skills so then you wont have like multiple of the same skill and maybe being able to fuse skills and maybe customizable outfits to a degree


can you put in other skills not combat but like alchemy and blacksmith where u can make your own weapons and potions with the right recipe

Dragon Warrior: Begin a New Quest

cant even download it from google

Bloodstained Hands

i only hate that a spell should not change cost should stay the same cause one spell cost 100 mp and when it is level 2 it is now 200 mp only thing i hate other than that good game


will there be different magic classes like summoning that the main character can do or is that only for the summoner

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

yeah but in a sense i kinda like choosing the hero route most of the time i just hate it more when you don't get options to chose well but can you tell me is there a chart or something that could explain the classes that you can chose from the beginning


cool the download is it the full story game playable


how to save everyone you can early in like mira does it revolve around the item you chose

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

looks like a very cool game otherwise and thanks for the help i hate games where you are not always the good guy i prefer it when u have the choice


will there be a difficulty mode and will there be legendary weapons like Excalibur(Sword) it doesnt have to be called that
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