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[RMMV] script call: player screen position

In "control variables" there is an option to set a variable equal to the player's x_scene as opposed to the player's x_coordinate. Does anyone know how to reference this x_scene via a script call? I've tried variations on $gamePlayer.x_scene but nothing works so far.

[RMMV] walking animation script call

Does anyone know the script call for toggling the player's walking animation?

Script Call for Variable Jumps

Does anyone know the RMMV script call for jumping using variables for distance and height? If so, can you provide a detailed example? This is the way I have been doing it, and it is needlessly complex:

Thank you!

[RMMV] Checking for passability when encountering impassable events


I'm not sure how to check for when an object is blocking the player's movement route (via an autostart movement call). The code I've been using only checks for map passability:

 $gameMap.isPassable($gamePlayer.x+1, $gamePlayer.y, $gamePlayer.directionRight)

I know there is a way to check for event passability instead of just map passability, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Any help is appreciated!

[RMVX] Scripting Trouble: event checking its own passability

I'm trying to modify this code from the RMMV Script Calls page: "$gameMap.isPassable(x,y,direction)"

The modification that I'm trying to make is to have a parallel process NPC check its "up" directional passability before it moves. I'm using the code in a conditional branch. It looks like this, but doesn't work.

$gameMap.events(this._eventId).isPassable($gameMap.events(this._eventId).x, $gameMap.events(this._eventId).y-1, $gameMap.events(this._eventId).directionUp)

I'm getting a TypeError stating that "undefined is not a function." I know I'm probably going about it laughably wrong, but any help would be quite welcome :)

Hero delay when changing direction


Simply Stated:
When using "Set Movement Route," the game forces a delay every time the hero turns a new direction (ex: "Turn Left," "Turn Down," etc). In previous makers, turns were instantaneous. Can anyone help me get rid of the turn delay?

Detailed Reasoning :
I need the hero to be able to spin while moving.

Ex: (directional fix ON/OFF excluded from example)
Move Left
Turn Up
Move Left
Turn Right
Move Left
Turn Left

The RM forces delay between every movement and completely breaks the flow of movement.



How do you promote your WIP on RMN?

I figured this might apply to a lot of us. How do you go about promoting your dev page once you've got it up? At what point should you even put up a page for a work in progress?


Sexy Mannequins :)

Because, why not?


Offering Detailed Game Reviews (by flap)

I'd like to offer to review some games, but I'm gonna be a little picky about which ones! I specifically want to review quality games that the creators feel need feedback, not just games that are already in the limelight. When you propose for me to review your game, please do the following:

* Describe how you want your game to feel to other people. This is super-important! If you want your game to feel action-packed or fantasy-genre or comical, tell me. If you really want the dialogue to feel professional or the magic system to feel original, say so. I'll review it with those things in mind and tell you how strongly I think the presentation matches your vision for it. The more specific you are, the more it will show me that you have a solid idea of what you want the game to be, and the more likely I am to play it.

* Only submit polished games. It doesn't have to be perfect, but if I start the game and you have major passability or spelling errors, I'll stop playing it right away and make a note on this thread saying "Your Game (canceled due to lack of polish)" or something like that.

* Don't be offended if I don't choose your game. You probably wouldn't want me to review a game that didn't interest me, so consider it a favor. Also, I simply may not have the time for your specific project.

* Let me know if you want a ranked review or just feedback (N/A rating).

* Include the length and maturity rating of the game.

* Demos are fine :-)

I hope I'm not coming across harshly. I actually enjoy a great many games, and encourage newbies to submit theirs as well. Just make sure you follow the criteria above when you submit it.

I will only start a queue of three (3) games. I've seen a lot of game review threads flounder and fail from taking on too much.

I might pm you when I choose to add your game. If you don't pm me back in 5 days, I won't add your game to the queue! Once again, I'm only interested in games from serious developers!

All that being said, let the reviews begin!

The Lineup
1: The Secrets of Kankara (by Jaden)
2: Beloved Rapture (by Blindmind)
3: Raciela (by Ultima 187)

Completed Reviews
Ace (by TheFuzziestMushroom) -- 2.5
Lyra (by Karins_soulkeeper) -- N/A
Broken Seal (by CalmOne) -- 1.5
OMNIS - The Erias Line (by Elder71) -- 4.5
Legacy Reborn (by Marrend) -- 3
Remnants of Isolation (by Red Nova) -- 3.5
Melody's Quest (by NekoBucket) -- N/A


(If you want to contribute a review in return, Farmyard Chronicle is always open for more reviews.)
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