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[XP] Changing default button settings?

Quick question: Where does RM store the button settings? The reason for wanting to know is so that I can distribute a game with button settings that are different than the default.

[XP] A semi-transparency problem with tilesets

I foolishly did a lot of editing of my tilesets after they had been imported and the semi-transparency set. Now I've wound up with a dozen tilesets sporting a mix of tiles that still have that purplish shade and tiles for which the purplish shade has been properly made semi-transparent.

Is there a quick way to undo the semi-transparency setting so that I can set it all over again? Or am I in for some tedious remodeling?

How much do y'all like midi?

Do you like the sound of midi in an Rpg Maker game? I don't mind it myself, but the last time I used midi in a game I learned that there were players who disliked it enough to kill their speakers with an axe, and I don't want that happening. The sound effects are more important than the bgm anyway. (the game is a dungeon crawler)

Yet...due to the fact that RMXP does a poor job of looping any bgm that isn't midi, I am finding myself seriously considering going with a midi soundtrack again.

For example, this bgm by NICE GUY. Would you enjoy listening to it? Would you not notice it? Or would it actively annoy you?

Displaying Japanese text in-game

How does one go about managing this? Everything I've tried results in either blank text or gibberish text.
Engine is Rpg Maker XP, and it's for the purpose of translating a game from English to Japanese.

GUI suggestions?

I'm looking to supply a GUI to aid users in the customization part of my project. The customization involves the users doing a lot of typing, so I'm gonna need text edit fields, text input boxes, and things like that. Can someone point me in the direction of where I can find some Ruby code that I can use for this?

Ideally, I wanted the GUI to be part of RPG Maker XP so that I can integrate it with the game itself, which is an RPG Maker XP game. But I've not been able to find working scripts for graphical user text input and editing, so I kind of suspect that there are none.

Plan B is to use plain old Ruby to create a separate executable. Anyone want to suggest where I can get the suitable libraries or gems or whatever it is I need to build a GUI with a minimum of fuss?
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