Pointless Actions

Love it. And i'm going crazy because i want play the full version NOW.

Shattered Hourglass

I have two issues: in the tower in front the icy village there's a blonde NPC wo ask me to save him and set him free from the jail, i've pulled the level in the dungeon and defeat the succubus but is not enough! what i must do?
And in abandonated mansion there's another NPC who ask me 20 rotten meats, i've it in my inventary but, nothing happens and when i speak with the NPC still ask me the meat.
Anyway, i LOVE your game
and i'm sorry for Mio, but i cannot let her eat the poor cursed eagle :P

Sorry for the very poor english

Charon's Sabbath

Interesting idea, but im stuck >_<
I've collected 10 souls, but i was unabled to find the other two, any advice?

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Omg can't wait for the completed version

Ringmaster Clause

I like EVERYTHING about this game just like QMS
Im so glad Edmund have a tiny part, although is so sad T_T he's my favourite character, so sweet! I hope he will appear in the final game too


Hi, i love your game, but after i defeat Mick the host i can't go futher because the ballon don't work and they constantly ask to save, i'm going crazy because is the second time i download and play the game! I've read all the reviews, but i don't find a solution.
Please help me, i really want finish the game >_<
Sorry for the poor english
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