Act of Terror: Season 1
Act of Terror is a short action thriller and a tribute to the great show "24".




Why are there three castles?

This is the last level of the story-campaign, where you've got an ally, so there is you on the left, your ally on the right and the "king of the world" (the enemy) on the top of the map. It's the only map like this.

Castles at War

I love this game!

I'm glad you like it! :D
Thanks for reporting the translation error! Fixed it already!
I'm thinking about updating the game with more content.

Looking for someone who is willing to correct translation of my "Act of Terror"

Hi there! :)
I've just uploaded the english translation of my german RPG Maker VX Game "Act of Terror" ("Day Zero" for the german version). Now I think, especially in the beginning of the game, my english-spelling was not as good as I want it to be. However, is someone here willing to take a look at it and report any misspelled sentences, that he/she founds? It would be enough, when you play through the beginning stages and report the misspelled things, you've found. Would anyone do this for me and for the game? :)


Act of Terror: Season 1

I love it already!

Thanks! :)
I've just added the downloads.
I'll check out your game, too. :D

And, because this is a translation of my german game, translated just by myself, please be kind if you find any translation mistakes. Report the mistakes here and I will fix them quickly, I promise. :)

Hi from germany! :D

Thanks for the warm welcome! :)
I've already translated two of my german RPG Maker VX Games into english, one is already released here (Castles at War), the other is waiting for approval. Keep looking for a 24-Fangame named as "Act of Terror: Season 1", if you're interested. It took me a while to translate it, but finally it's done. :D
I've also made a few english Construct 2 Games, that I could upload here, too. Eventually I will add some of them in the next few days. :)


Castles at War

I can't get it to work...
It just says that I need RGSS202E.dll
The game looks fun tough.

That's the RPG Maker VX RTP-Files, that obviously missing on your PC.
You can either download the game with RTP-Files included (found in the Download-Section) or install the RTP-Files once for all VX Games on your harddrive (recommended). You can get the RTP Files from the official RPG Maker HP here:

Have Fun! :)

Hi from germany! :D

Hi everyone!
I think I'm a little late.^^
I'm an active member of the german RPG Maker Scene since several years, and now I've decided to make my games international. :)
I'm happy to be a member here now and I'm looking forward to a great time here with you.
But first I must introduce myself a little further:
I'm a 23 years old german boy and I'm very creative in many ways; I make my own games with RPG Maker VX, VX Ace and Construct 2, I make my own music, I write fictive storys and poems, and finally I also make mods for Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout 3. Everything from me is available on my german website, if you're interested. I also have a brand-new english website, where you can find all of my english creations (not so many in the moment, but I'm on it^^). Here's the link:
So... hope to see you in the forums! :)


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