I've been an avid gamer for many years, and finally have decided to try my hand at creating something to give back to my favorite hobby. I tend to like RPGs of all sorts, be it console, western, JRPG, tabletop, serious, silly, etc.

I hope that if you give any of my creations a try, that they end up being as fun for you to play as it was for me to make them :)



Delusions of Duty

I really like the combat in this; I could see this being a really interesting way to develop a full rpg battle system. Awesome entry!


Sounds like a neat event, I've got a game concept that I'd like to get started on, so maybe this is a good opportunity to get it started and a demo finished.


Considering I don't own XP, I don't have the rights to those charsets. This is my first RPGmaker software purchase. I'm also not making an excuse, I actually LIKE the stock visuals that VX Ace comes with. Don't know why you're jumping all over me here in a several month old discussion, no point in necroing it.

The Four Spirits Review

I'll have to bump her speed up. Yeah, her final weapon has a crazy custom script attached to it because I wanted to try it out, with each hit having a chance of proccing a further, more target hitting set of hits. It's the same attack set that the evil earth elemental has, actually, so if she gets a chance to go she can potentially destroy over half the party in one turn.

It sounds like the main problem in those areas was the lack of resources to handle groups frequently enough. I am definitely going to lower the mana costs on their abilities, so that alone might be enough to fix things. If not, stats are easy enough to tweak and iterate on.

The Four Spirits Review

Was there a particular set of enemies that gave you trouble? I know you mentioned gargoyles above. I think the first place that really has a bunch is the ice dungeon, so maybe I should tone them down a little.

I pretty much made their personalities up on the spot, I feel a bit bad for the earth spirit, as she gets almost no time to develop at all. So what little dialogue she does have feels pretty forced and rushed. I'll have to see if I can work on that too.

Oh! Lloyd's Beacon is similar to the old Mark and Recall spells from the Ultima series. Just looked it up, its from the Might and Magic series of rpgs. That is an excellent idea to have available for a game that is more dungeon crawly.

The Four Spirits Review

Thanks for the review! Lots of good feedback in here for me to work off of if I decide to overhaul the game (which I might do), or if not, to keep in mind for my next project. I'm glad you liked Din, she got to benefit from more time spent on her than most of the others, along with having joined the party so early on.

Whiplashed functioned as a slow, though it appears it wasn't obvious enough.

The turquoise necklace was a last minute addition, makes sense that I'd mess it up somehow ><.

As for the number of enemies, I was trying to balance for the fact that you now had more party members. I can see that being a problem though with the extra party members spells costing what they did; I should lower those some. I didn't get a chance to have anyone playtest that section besides me, so the normal battles are probably still a bit too hard. Do you think weakening the individual enemies, or just lowering the number of them would be better?

As for the water elemental not getting healing, I was trying to make her be similar to Jacaranda on being an offensive caster, with The air elemental fitting the role of support/healing more. I can tell that it didn't fully work out that way though, as her damage output isn't high enough to justify that role compared to what the fire or earth elemental are capable of, especially once they get their final gear.

That script seems to be fairly buggy, unfortunately :/. I had problems with slip damage killing people crashing the game, which is why no one can die from Burning. I'll have to remove counter from her and see if I can find something better to put on that cloak.

I'm glad you liked the regenerating mp/statues that heal, I've myself found that unless I'm playing a hardcore dungeon crawler, it's frustrating to be going through a game and have to leave a dungeon because I didn't bring enough consumables to keep my health/mana up. I'd rather have challenges be the individual fights, not whether you were prepared for 10 of them instead of 20.

As for the "Barrel!" bit, it's an homage to the Atelier series of games, where whenever a character inspects a barrel, a dialogue window pops up and the voice actor cheerfully announces "Barrel!". I find it hilarious, so once I was placing barrels, I kind of had to put it in. It's got a semi random chance of happening, I think 30-40% per barrel checked? Something around that.

So yes, overall, thank you for giving this a play through, and I'm glad it was somewhat enjoyable and not a horrible experience.

The Four Spirits

Yeah, I figured you got a similar version to what the judges did, though yours sounds like it was farther along possibly? I'm not certain anymore, but the version that is up here definitely goes all the way through.

It isn't quite complete yet, I need to do at the least some re-balancing of a couple fights to make them more/less hard. I'm also considering on whether to take the time to come back and make the latter bits better, as they definitely show the lack of time that I had for them (especially the last dungeon).

Unless complete means you can reach the end of the game? I'm not done working on it, but it does stand alone as a finishable product. If that's the case, I should change it; if it's referring to whether I am finished working on it, then it should stay how it is.

The Four Spirits

The version I submitted for the contest ended up being the wrong version altogether :/. I had actually finished the entire game, but in my sleep deprived state messed it all up during uploading somehow. The version that was up here was incorrect, so it's now replaced with the proper version, which goes all the way to the end and everything.

Was frustrating to discover, was happily listening to the podcast reviews then heard "and then it ends at the volcano" and I was like "WHAAAAAT? Oh no what did I do wrong?!".

To be specific, there is 4 dungeons past that, along with you reaching a party size of 5 before the final dungeon.

It should hopefully be compatible with your last save, if you feel like giving it a try.

RPGMaker VXAce Nugget Crash Course Results (1/4)

I want to thank everyone that tried out my game, and especially the judges for taking the time to play it and make the podcast. I'm listening to it right now, and it's got some great feedback in it for me. I'm glad that it was somewhat enjoyable :).

Edit: Oh no! It looks like the version that you got was not the full game :/. I must've botched it! I had a lot more beyond the volcano finished, there was the whole game through getting the four spirits in your party and fighting an evil big bad. I'm going to go reupload it to make sure the right version is up; I apologize for this.
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