Is this game complete? Anyhow, I really dig the screenies. :D

The Lore of Lorewyn

Any mirror links? Can't download your game. :( Rapidshare or 4shared would be nice. Thanks in advance.

I need a good scripter and also design woes.

The man looks gay, you should probably remove the blush-on... Also, the coloring might need some work. Those aside, these are pretty neat. :)

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

The one against kasch blackwood and the warehouse filled with virad filt. I can't seem to remember the others, but I think Maladorr Manor is the last on my list - came here after doing everything else.

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

@Sailerius: Maladorr Manor... The only map I don't like, so far. lol. Waiting for Auria to get a headache is really annoying. lol.

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

@Sailerius: There's a few mapping errors on Act II - the bookshelves in (what's his name?) Manor. I might not finish Act II anytime soon. I'm losing my drive to playing RPGs, now that school is just a few days away. :(( When I do finish it, I'll try writing a review for Vacant Sky, along Iron Gaia and Forever's End. ;)

I just finished all three acts, great story but this is one of the most unusual rpgs that i have played due to this game having no world map.

Not having a world map didn't bother me at all. :)

Forever's End

@Eliminator: Good for you... :( It took me quite a while to finish this game, because of the lag. As for Vacant Sky, I never knew there were lag problems. Played through it with my shitty computer, and it runs quite smoothly. Haven't reach Act III yet though... I'm kinda busy with stuff lately. :(

Forever's End

@F-G: Ok, will try it out if I ever encounter lag problem with a game. :)
@Craze: I think NicoB is using Cherry's Version of 2k3, which isn't the original 2k3. I guess issues are to be expected when you're using a software that is still in the testing stages.

Forever's End

Set it to the one below real-time, real-time tends to screw everything up

Set the process for RPG_RT.exe to real-time? I don't get what you mean. If you meant setting the process for RPG_RT.exe to real-time... tried that before and it doesn't work. I guess this means my Desktop PC is utter crap.

Forever's End

@eplipswich: I said what I said because you compared your PC to mine. Not to mention, you do not know how much the difference is between 250MB RAM and 1GB RAM. At least, that's how I viewed you when you said,"Well, my com had almost the same specs as yours (though mine was 1GB RAM and is Windows XP) and I have no issues with the game (that may also be because I play it in full screen which is less laggy than 640x480 windowed mode)."

As for resolutions, different coms differ, but if you play on a smaller resolution, the lag will be less apparent, because on full screen in an RPG Maker 2k/2k3 game, the resolution switches to 320x240.

I don't think this is what caused the game to lag...