Yume RPG Toolkit 3D

On what platforms can games be released with this engine?


I like this.

I like it that you like it.


The game was on hiatus for a while, but the project is largely remade now. I'll be posting new info about it on rmn soon. For those who can't wait: check out the site, it isn't a site about game guides or clothing anymore btw ^^


My screenshot is older than the first FF XIII-2 screenshot. I should sue Square-Enix!


I saw this on youtube a week or so ago. Those 3d videos were very impressing! Are those videos on the game's profile here somewhere?

Celebrate RMN4 and Media submissions! Make a trailer!

Recently updated the Trailer of my game:

RMN-link of game:


It was a bug in one of the earlier versions of the demo. We should have this covered for the full version :)


@gRaViJa : wouldn't it be more simple to write : here's my title screen, it's a 70%(95,50, etc. according to the situation) ripp off of the 5 centimeters per second title screen (show it), but i'm rather proud of my editing (if not, why bother showing it at all?!), it would make every one more comfortable!

Well okay, if it makes you guys feel more comfortable ;)


Is no one bothered by the look of weird exposure / gamma values?

Basically what I'm saying is that I can't make any sense of what the function of the yellow lights is.

Well, they light up that area at night. Also, they have an aestethic function that i'm not gonna lie about.
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