I'm Gabicho and I really love Donald Duck. I need a new job. 「明日やろうはバカヤロー」is my life motto that I never follow.
Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.



[rpgvxace] Recruiting for assistant programmer & sprite artist!

A current game I am working on needs more power than just 1 person. With that, I hope to expand the team and be able to create something even bigger.

My previous work can be found on my game page or on my tumblr

The game I am hoping to create is called Dragon's Pride. It started out as an otome game, but I realized it would do better as a rpg with visual novel elements. More information on the plot and characters can be found here:
Short summary:
Some of us are just not meant to be heroes. But what is it exactly that makes one? Is it overwhelming power or is it the ambition to be something more than what you are? In a small farming town, a young girl named Holly has set out on her life changing journey at the age of 17. Armed with a book her sister left behind of “Hero Requirements”, she seeks to find the other half of the Dragon’s ruby. However… just who is she running from?
Dragon’s Pride takes place in an old JRPG universe. The story is about personal growth and acceptance with a nice dose of romance.

Game engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre: RPG w/ Visual novel elements
Paid position: Please send me your rates!
Positions open;;;
Sprite artist - A sprite artist that has experience drawing idle, walking, running and fighting sprites for a side view battle system. Preferably styles leaning more towards anime
Programmer - An assistant programmer that will help with developing battle systems and puzzles. Must have experience working with RPGs!

Those are the two positions I have open so far, but if you are interested in helping with any other element, I would be glad to see some of your work and may consider it.

- Previous work in a game preferred, completed or not
- Availability starting in 2016 going up until the end of the year.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please send examples of your work to :

[Poll] When Playing Indie RPGs, What Game-Length Do You Look For?

I meant to click "Varies depending on mood" orz.
I agree with a lot of what people said about longer games tending to mean lots of filler. I generally steer clear of games that tout length as their main selling point. Because is it 40 hours of a well developed story or 40 hours of grinding, farming, minigames and/or npc driven sidequests? Unless a game has a mechanic that I am in love with that feels good to just PLAY, I tend to get bored of it since there's no hook for me to rely on in between cutscenes.
Stories that get right to the point appeal to me more as well. So for games like visual novels and dating sims, I tend to like the shorter ones.

Idk maybe I just have crap attention skills. I'd rather finish a game fast and want more than give up halfway because they threw everything in the pot for length-sake.

What do you think about Harem RPG's?

Definitely agree with LockeZ that you don't have to worry about popularity. Just because a few people on a rpgm forum say they dislike it doesn't mean it won't have an audience. Maybe it won't be here, sure, but who knows if you upload it elsewhere. Though I don't blame you for thinking that way. I'm kind of surprised at the responses.

Though I really think it's because of the use of the word "harem". That brings to mind 1 dude surrounded by hundreds of girls for no other reason other than the fact that "he's that dude". From the looks of what you wrote, it's more of a rpg with dating sim elements. Just stick to saying dating sim from now on.

I'd say, go for it. A lot can be done with a dating sim in terms of writing characters and relationships. But it's all about the work you put in and great planning as is with any game genre that focuses on story. Even if the romance is not the most important thing for the game, if it feels shallow people are going to call you out on it. Don't have all the choices fall in love at the same time in the same way. Maybe even have a choice just end in friendship because the two aren't compatible. Make the events an opportunity to show more back story meat for the characters, rather than just useless fluff.
Also don't make the lead some overpowered, super popular buffoon pls. And pleaseee do not make the girls turn to putty for him/lower their merit just because they are in love. Those are surefire ways to piss anyone off.

Link lovers; good news

I screamed and cried.
Mostly because I can finally revisit the Deku Palace whenever I want. Plus Deku Princess is my favorite character. And I can't wait to play as Deku Link to get hit by that cute dog.
Dekus are great.

But no really, I'm super happy they're doing this.

Drilling for motivation when the well is dry

Unlike Gabicho, seeing other people's progress on their games usually makes me feel the need to churn out some work of my own. Maybe I'm secretly competitive? >w>

Nah, I think for me it's more of a getting caught up in comparing myself to others deal. So I guess an issue of confidence?
It's nice to see how music is such a huge motivation for everyone. Though I've never heard of music being counterproductive to art. That's interesting.

And I agree with LockeZ! Working on multiple game projects helps.

Drilling for motivation when the well is dry

I'm the opposite for dressing up pfft. I can't get in the groove unless I'm in a hoodie and sweats. If I'm dressed up, I'll feel the need to go out shopping or something.

I triple quadruple support going for a walk. I can't tell you how many ideas have come from taking my dog out for a long walk. I always take my phone to jot them down too.
Also, celebrate the little victories. Maybe you didn't finish a whole level, but you redrew an asset or fixed up pieces of dialogue. Any step toward your goal is a good one.

I also find that seeing other people progress makes me kind of unmotivated. So I tend to stay away from any game tags.

[Offer][Artist] Face sets, cgs, etc.! Will work for trade too

@pianotm:: yes I do requests!

@jin69:: I sent a pm!

I also changed the post to reflect how I've been working. I also have a commission slot thing now. Thanks guys for looking!

[Offer][Artist] Face sets, cgs, etc.! Will work for trade too

@Link_2112 -
Oh, I am! I'm offering my services to a few teams right now that I'm interested in. I've always had the policy of "If I like what you're doing with your project, I'll work for free". But I didn't really know if it'd be right to put that in this post. I suppose I should...
And yeah I know not a lot of people have money right now. I'm in that situation with commissioning OSTs for my own games orz

I just put this thread out there in case anyone was interested even further down the line. Because unless I suddenly win the lotto or whatever, I'll prob always be able to offer art services.

@Max McGee -
I'm going to send you a pm, if that's ok!

[Offer][Artist] Face sets, cgs, etc.! Will work for trade too

Hello everyone!
I'm Gabicho and I've decided to stop hiding in my own projects and offer up my services for once! I want to get the team experience, so I'm willing to join up for any projects that are in need of an artist!
Or if you need just 1 thing, I'm all up for it.

What I can do:
- Face sets.= $10 for a full rpgmaker face set with emotions. Bust size is ok too!
- Ren'Py/Visual Novel busts. = $10 per bust per pose. expressions are free
- CGs. = $10 for simple cg. $25 for a detailed cg
- Banners and Promo art. = This includes title screens! Price is determinate on what you need me to do. It starts at $10 for a small piece.
- Character design. = $15 per character.+$3 if you want more outfits.

Examples of work:
RPG Maker Facesets:
icon size:

bust size:

Ren'Py Busts:


Promo Art:

Character Design:
^This basically shows how I design characters. I'm also able to do fantasy work!

Paypal is good.
Keep in mind that prices are final and are not negotiable unless otherwise stated.
If you're commissioning me for a big project, I'm willing to do a pay schedule.

Free work:
I do work for free, but it depends on how interested I am in your project. You can take a shot and ask, but please be understanding if I have to refuse.
If you're going to ask, please have a good outline of your story ready.

I'm willing to trade for music and scripts ONLY!!!
Please send me an example of your work first since the music I use for my games is very specific.
As for scripts, I'm really only in need of simple things like menus or title screens. So if you can do that, I'm definitely interested in trading.

My only rule is to please be respectful of my IRL schedule! I had the displeasure of working with a group that couldn't care less about my irl job so it was a hot mess. Basically I can't work on commissions during the weekend. So if that's the only time you're online, communication may be rough.
Also.... My work is for your project only!! You are not allowed to sell to others, give out to others or take credit for any art I do for you.

Thanks for looking!
Hope to start working for some cool projects! ヾ(ω` )/

Open commission slots::
1; filled as of 10.20.2014
2; filled as of 10.21

Controversial Topics In Your Game

Reading everyone's posts on here made me breathe a sigh of relief. I was kind of worried I'd come in here and everyone would be crying "But... But my art!" or "You just don't need to play it if you don't like it!!" :/

I love playing games with controversial topics. I definitely think there's a need for games with those topics. I love the debates and talks people in the fandom have with each other about them. But guys if you want to put them in, please please do some reading on the topic if you aren't familiar with it. Believe it or not, things like rape and abuse are more than just "super bad things".
When you actually understand that what you're putting your character through is heavier than just some one time event on a storyline, it'll be easier to treat the topic with respect. These things shouldn't be the cause to your effect. They shouldn't be the grand reveal at the end of a diary entry. They shouldn't be a villain character's backstory set up crime. Read real stories from real victims. Learn terms and facts. Build empathy for the issue you're tossing into your game before you shove it in like a shockingly horrific CG.
To be honest, this is something that really bothers me about a lot of rpgmaker horror games. I see a lot of little girl characters put through horrible experiences just so someone can comment on how dark the game is. I mean it wouldn't be bad if that's what makes your game dark. But if that's the only reason you put the issue in for, it really shows.

I say this as someone that uses controversial topics regularly in my series. But I only use things I've dealt with personally so I'm not just spouting off nonsense to "build a character". Man, even then I still worry if I'm not doing anything right.

Sorry if this all comes off as too preachy... But it just sucks that a lot of otherwise good games fall victim to ignorance. :[
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