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Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.



Mindless Box Review

I'm very glad the demo was worthy of a 4/5 from you. I'm also glad you were able to get how I wanted to portray Emily right off the bat.

I'll look to add more choice and interaction in the full game. Thanks for the input on that!

Thanks again for the review.

Ringmaster Clause Review

Thank you so much for this review! It really means a lot ;w;

Oh man!! I kept forgetting to change that piece of dialogue at the end. It was left over from playtesting.

"Sometimes I feel like the story was a bit rushed and too fast-paced, leaving gaps in the plot which can get me pulling my hair out with frustration! It's because stories like this have so much potential, but things are not often perfect the first few tries. Ideas you hold seem to be much bigger than what's on the game screen.
I'm a bit slow in the mind, but I'm still not too up to date with what the whole doll maker thing means in this world. Do doll maker's have a special status in society or are they just ordinary people too? What do dolls mean to ordinary people? It's things such as that which I think add to the storytelling. "

Yes I definitely struggle with my pacing in stories. I kept worrying that RMC was too fast paced for what I had going on in my head. I tried to pack too many ideas into a game that it ended up being super rushed. I'm trying to fix that though! So I hope by the next games, it'll be a lot more tolerable.
And as for doll makers and how they are in society... That's actually something I wanted to explore in the 3rd and final game of this series :> I hope it'll all make sense by then.

Ringmaster Clause Review

Thanks for the review!
To be honest, throughout playtesting I was really worried about the pacing and leaving out a lot from the story. It's pretty clear that I need to still continue to work on that. As I made this game for an already established universe with people who have already played the previous game in mind, I totally botched some things that should've been explained more for first time players.
And I agree that this was more of a visual novel, which is really the type of genre I want to work primarily with in the future.
However, I disagree that the adventure/combat aspect was just something I tacked on, but I can see how you felt that way. For my next game, I've created a story to fit the gameplay, so hopefully that'll help a lot more in making it a more fun gaming experience.

I do have to ask about this though
" In mixing with the RTP and some other stuff, there is clashing"
Was there RTP somewhere?? All of my graphics are 100% hand drawn and the real life photos used are part of the style of this series (as is seen in Queen Mary's Script). I only ask because I use rtp graphics as placeholders and if I left something in, I want to fix it before I translate this game.

Once again, thank you so much for writing an in depth review!! I'll definitely be using this evaluation to help on my future games.
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