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Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.



Updated demo and Kickstarter

^ I can't say I agree on the goal being too high, since I'm mostly using the base goal for music and backer fulfillment/taxes. You can't really skimp on either of those. And the "whatever is left over" fund is most likely not going towards me but towards either a background artist to help or a translation. I know it's tough to get funded as I'm unknown, but I'd rather be honest and pay appropriate commission prices as musicians and artists deserve it. I'd also like for backers to be assured that their physical goods will actually be made.
Even if it isn't funded, I'll be able to make the game in its complete form as I'm a one man team that isn't taking a paycheck. It'll just take longer and will be severely lacking in the music department. :(

Thank you though! And if you ever get a chance, I'd love if you tried out the new demo. It's changed vastly from what it was before and I worked really hard to make the characters more human.

Queen Mary's Script Retold

I played the game five times...yes...five...

I used print screen to save screen shots of things that weren't meant to be seen but for a moment, I took away weapons that were meant to be used against me, I searched through the games files, I'm no hacker, but I did everything else...all to save a doll!

Curse you and your emotionally effecting game!

Confound it all, I love it though!

Wow thank you so much!


Is anyone else also having trouble with uploading the demo file?
I was able to unpack it, but not play it.
I searched up the error and it seems like the "ä" in the folder name was messing it up. I switched "ä" with a regular "a" and it worked.
Solution was found here.
So when you upload the game file just make sure there are no special or foreign characters or else it may not work on everyone's system.

Queen Mary's Script Retold

random thoughts
it was slightly annoying not knowing where to go to progress the plot at first.

what are batwings for? they don't go in your inventory.

edmund is just a major plot hole.clouse clearly stated that dolls cannot interact with
anyone besides other dolls,dollmakers and humans that they intend to forma contract with
mary is none of these things.

sometimes enemies don't die and keep moving around.
in one case they were invincible from the start but they could hurt you. your brother is this barbaric piece of shit that you and i assume...your mom put up with for no valid reason?
and you call your brother dragon and mom queen?...

i was happy when that annoying and selfish women died!

As good as it gets was the best ending.

Thanks for your thoughts! Let me reply to a few things: (Also, please bear in mind this is an old game that I do not update any more. It is getting a remake in a few months so technical things are sort of no help as of right now)
- I agree that I had no idea how to express how the player should go through the plot. It's something I'm working on in the future. Sorry it ruined the experience for you.
- Batwings are for the Bat Toy weapon that you can find. It's a sidequest.
- Mary stumbled into his haven and according to doll rules, you cannot leave until you ask permission from the hosting doll or get forced out. Edmund isn't a plot hole but so much a doll that doesn't really follow the "rules" most dolls follow. He doesn't care that Mary is a girl he has no connection with and interacts with her freely because that's just who he is. Sorry if this didn't come across too well. In the new version of this game, I'm working on every character's personality so misunderstandings like this don't happen.
- The enemy thing is a bug that I've since fixed in future games and will fix for the new version.
- This is hard to respond to as it's something only people who are familiar with emotional/sibling abuse can really understand. Think about this, what CAN you do? When a sibling is that terrible, but most places do not consider sibling abuse an actual thing (it's hard enough getting an order of protection against them.) it's hard to get away from it. There's also the fact that even when you understand abuse is going on, you don't want to or know how to break away from it. When you've been conditioned to live with abuse, you make excuses (her mother), escape reality (Mary) and just live with it (the both of them). It's only when Clause comes in that Mary starts to realize she has a chance and can break away which she does. Her admitting in the Ministry what is going on is a huge pivotal moment for her because she finally says "I'm being abused by my brother" to herself out in the open. In the new game, I hope to go through and show more how Mary's family works. Her mother is an actual character that shows up and so is her brother. But I also don't want it to be the main point of the game as it's not about that. The game is about the world of dolls. I don't expect people to really look into sibling abuse after playing this game or even try to understand it, but it probably would help.

Thank you for your thoughts.

[rpgvxace] Recruiting for assistant programmer & sprite artist!

A current game I am working on needs more power than just 1 person. With that, I hope to expand the team and be able to create something even bigger.

My previous work can be found on my game page or on my tumblr

The game I am hoping to create is called Dragon's Pride. It started out as an otome game, but I realized it would do better as a rpg with visual novel elements. More information on the plot and characters can be found here:
Short summary:
Some of us are just not meant to be heroes. But what is it exactly that makes one? Is it overwhelming power or is it the ambition to be something more than what you are? In a small farming town, a young girl named Holly has set out on her life changing journey at the age of 17. Armed with a book her sister left behind of “Hero Requirements”, she seeks to find the other half of the Dragon’s ruby. However… just who is she running from?
Dragon’s Pride takes place in an old JRPG universe. The story is about personal growth and acceptance with a nice dose of romance.

Game engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre: RPG w/ Visual novel elements
Paid position: Please send me your rates!
Positions open;;;
Sprite artist - A sprite artist that has experience drawing idle, walking, running and fighting sprites for a side view battle system. Preferably styles leaning more towards anime
Programmer - An assistant programmer that will help with developing battle systems and puzzles. Must have experience working with RPGs!

Those are the two positions I have open so far, but if you are interested in helping with any other element, I would be glad to see some of your work and may consider it.

- Previous work in a game preferred, completed or not
- Availability starting in 2016 going up until the end of the year.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please send examples of your work to :

Star Plays: Queen Mary's Script

Thank you for recording let's plays for QMS!!

Mindless Box

^ Thank you so much for the feedback!! I'll take everything into account

Monster Love Party

^Thank you for your comment!
Yes, this game is one of my buggiest. The eventing is horrendous because I was too ambitious but ended up rushing everything. It's a shame. Maybe in the future I'll fix it up for a re-release.

Thank you so much for wanting to draw them though!! That makes me so happy ;ww; I'm going to be posting up reference sheets for them eventually!


^ Thanks so much!
Yes it is lol.

[Poll] When Playing Indie RPGs, What Game-Length Do You Look For?

I meant to click "Varies depending on mood" orz.
I agree with a lot of what people said about longer games tending to mean lots of filler. I generally steer clear of games that tout length as their main selling point. Because is it 40 hours of a well developed story or 40 hours of grinding, farming, minigames and/or npc driven sidequests? Unless a game has a mechanic that I am in love with that feels good to just PLAY, I tend to get bored of it since there's no hook for me to rely on in between cutscenes.
Stories that get right to the point appeal to me more as well. So for games like visual novels and dating sims, I tend to like the shorter ones.

Idk maybe I just have crap attention skills. I'd rather finish a game fast and want more than give up halfway because they threw everything in the pot for length-sake.