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Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.



Controversial Topics In Your Game

Reading everyone's posts on here made me breathe a sigh of relief. I was kind of worried I'd come in here and everyone would be crying "But... But my art!" or "You just don't need to play it if you don't like it!!" :/

I love playing games with controversial topics. I definitely think there's a need for games with those topics. I love the debates and talks people in the fandom have with each other about them. But guys if you want to put them in, please please do some reading on the topic if you aren't familiar with it. Believe it or not, things like rape and abuse are more than just "super bad things".
When you actually understand that what you're putting your character through is heavier than just some one time event on a storyline, it'll be easier to treat the topic with respect. These things shouldn't be the cause to your effect. They shouldn't be the grand reveal at the end of a diary entry. They shouldn't be a villain character's backstory set up crime. Read real stories from real victims. Learn terms and facts. Build empathy for the issue you're tossing into your game before you shove it in like a shockingly horrific CG.
To be honest, this is something that really bothers me about a lot of rpgmaker horror games. I see a lot of little girl characters put through horrible experiences just so someone can comment on how dark the game is. I mean it wouldn't be bad if that's what makes your game dark. But if that's the only reason you put the issue in for, it really shows.

I say this as someone that uses controversial topics regularly in my series. But I only use things I've dealt with personally so I'm not just spouting off nonsense to "build a character". Man, even then I still worry if I'm not doing anything right.

Sorry if this all comes off as too preachy... But it just sucks that a lot of otherwise good games fall victim to ignorance. :[

Queen Mary's Script Retold

^ All of the music in my games are actually classical pieces :> The Ministry's music is Schubert's Moment Musicaux

On Mary's classmate::
If Mary and Masaki had some time to grow out of their dramatic teenage years and work something out together, the two could've been great friends in the end. Unfortunately, the ending separates the two for good. So I definitely could see her forgiving Masaki sometime in the future, but it just never was allowed to happen in the story.

Queen Mary's Script Retold

^Thank you so much!

Queen Mary's Script Retold

i just start playing but i didn't understand .. why she need a help from a doll ? and help for what ? also who was screaming in the middle of the night?

Hello and thank you for playing QMS!
She thought Clause would actually help her with her family member, but he ended up not doing anything.
As for who is screaming, you'll find that out later in the game :>

Lost Story

Wow the maps look amazing!
I can't wait to try it

Me learning Japanese from a Japanese RPG maker site

Kanji has many meanings in Japanese as well. It's not just a "1 is Japanese reading and the other is Chinese" It also has different pronunciations depending on how it's used or what it's used with.

I wouldn't advise learning Japanese from games though. There are a lot of different ways to speak the language and "RPG/Game speak" isn't really something you want to use in conversation. Or if you're going to use games to recognize kanji, just know that sometimes characters use exaggerated styles of speaking.

Learning any language is a hard and grueling process. But the thing that helps is using it as much as you can for daily life things. I think it's best for you to start a blog and write the entries in English, then writing a bit of it in Japanese. Start little by little but start with real conversational phrases. Someone who corrected the Japanese translation of my game recommended sites like lang-8? I don't use it, but it seems like a good site.

I agree with writing any chance you get when it comes to kanji. WRITE!! Write as you learn to read and LEARN THE STROKE ORDER. A lot of people can read kanji like no one's business, but writing? That's something that takes a long time to grasp. A lot of my Japanese friends jokingly say they can't write kanji either but it's mostly because they understand how hard it is to learn. Also, people will recognize if the stroke order is wrong or looks off. So definitely pay attention to that.

Japanese isn't impossible nor is it harder than English. It really depends on how much you want to learn it. But you seem like me who can't stand sitting down to study anything, so immersion is really the best thing you can do. Write blogs, talk to people on twitter in Japanese, watch Japanese TV and you'll start to pick things up. I can help as well, if you want! It's always exciting when people want to study Japanese!

Me learning Japanese from a Japanese RPG maker site

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Ringmaster Clause Review

Thanks for the review!
To be honest, throughout playtesting I was really worried about the pacing and leaving out a lot from the story. It's pretty clear that I need to still continue to work on that. As I made this game for an already established universe with people who have already played the previous game in mind, I totally botched some things that should've been explained more for first time players.
And I agree that this was more of a visual novel, which is really the type of genre I want to work primarily with in the future.
However, I disagree that the adventure/combat aspect was just something I tacked on, but I can see how you felt that way. For my next game, I've created a story to fit the gameplay, so hopefully that'll help a lot more in making it a more fun gaming experience.

I do have to ask about this though
" In mixing with the RTP and some other stuff, there is clashing"
Was there RTP somewhere?? All of my graphics are 100% hand drawn and the real life photos used are part of the style of this series (as is seen in Queen Mary's Script). I only ask because I use rtp graphics as placeholders and if I left something in, I want to fix it before I translate this game.

Once again, thank you so much for writing an in depth review!! I'll definitely be using this evaluation to help on my future games.

Ringmaster Clause

I finished~ And I'm on my second playthrough!

Just a few things:
There are two minor dialogue glitches I noted: the first is in Punch's haven-even after completing the fish key room and killing the spawned enemies, if you reenter the room Cat will repeat the last conversation about the key.
Also, the mini quest involving Punch's haven has Joy and Ally (the two dolls with Cat's picture and the cotton candy) repeating dialogue even after the quest has been finished.

They're not anything major, I just thought you'd like to know if someone hasn't pointed it out already.

Thank you for pointing those out! No one has noticed them yet so I'm glad you caught them.
Thanks for playing my game as well!

You guys deserve way more subscribers and views than you have at the moment! I will start playing the game as soon as I have time. Be prepared for a long comment after I'm done playing it. =)

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy RMC.
If you run into any problems, let me know!

Ringmaster Clause - Let's Play with TungerManU

Wow!! Thank you for doing a LP!