I make pixels, write, art unimpressively, and make lists if things that I do in relation to game making websites.

I've gotten a couple of requests from people wanting to see my old Final Tear 3 review, so I reuploaded it here:




Demo Revamp Going Up

In the first decision screen, the choice "Run into the road myself to push her out of the way" leads to an error that says push_marianne is not defined.

Oh! That's weird. I didn't run into that in testing. I wonder if it's something that wound up in there from a last minute edit. I'll fix that and post a new download by tomorrow! Thanks for pointing it out.

I'm glad you liked it despite that.

As for the Trevor conversation thing, most likely. I can probably just toss a short pause in there to get the job done.

Writing HORROR - Part 1

Honestly, while I feel like the article provides some interesting information, even if it's not that psychologically accurate, it's not all that useful when it comes to helping people write or understand horror. It covers a very specific subject that, while potentially unsettling if written well, doesn't do anything to inform people how to write their own horror stories. You would need to cover the themes, atmosphere and psychology of the people reading said stories to really do so, I feel. It's a rather complicated genre, and one that isn't necessarily defined by the presence of "monsters", supernatural or otherwise.

I dunno, just kind of going off of impressions, though. Sorry if that all comes off as a bit harsh. ^^;

Multiple Outfits

Hmm there's a different feel of Marianne if she wears the purple one. Makes her look not so down. Doesn't fit her image.

The Trevor one looks ok. :)

It was intended to be a rose design on her alt, but it didn't turn out that well. I probably will redo the whole thing.

Thanks! Trevor is a true follower of Wizard Metal.

The World Is Made of Paper

I LOVE this game! Was disappointed when I found out it was just a demo xd

When will the full version come out?

Thank you so much! Sorry that it is. XD

I don't have a certain date, but it's definitely going to be finished within this year.


Dakura contemplates the horrors of a world filled with flowers taller than grown men.

5 Rules for Writing Interesting Choices in Multiple-Choice Games

Pretty straightforward and easy rules to understand. It's actually kind of a wonder how few games get these right.

It's nice to see it all put together into a comprehensible article like this.


Oh, woah. Thank you so much, everyone. ^^; *Flails in response to compliments*

It does look great, one thing that seems off to me is it's belly. It's got a weird angle to it. It's fatter near the back, but maybe swirly skinned monsters are like that? Who knows?

It's got a bump between it's leg and mane, too. I just feel like that thing should be fatter! With more of it in the front. That's just me.

I based its anatomy mostly off of a mountain goat's, since it's meant to be native to the highlands.

Though I guess I did give the poor thing a bit of a beer belly. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll get him some exercise and tone him out a little bit.


Thank you!

Covered in swirls, like real animals are.