I make pixels, write, art unimpressively, and make lists if things that I do in relation to game making websites.

I've gotten a couple of requests from people wanting to see my old Final Tear 3 review, so I reuploaded it here:


Reviewing RMN's Visual Novels

As one of the few visual novel writers on this forum, I have set myself a new goal: to review every game on this website with the "visual novel" tag. They will be approached in alphabetical order, and rated both by my usual review standards, as well as how well they hold up in areas specific to the genre. In other words, if someone stuck the tag on a game that doesn't at all fill the standards required for it, they can expect to get chewed out a little for it.

That said, due to the nature of the game that got the first spot on the list, there may be some small exceptions to this.

The current list, in alphabetical order:

Alex's Scar dear god (Played. Review on hiatus.)
Choice (Reviewed!) -
Esoterica (Played. Currently reviewing.)
Eternal Memories
Games Journo Story
Grace's Diary
Heartache 101 (Played.)
Hierofania (Played.)
Poetry 2k
Re:Alistair (Played.)
Return to Awz
Sister's Storybook
The LCPANES Terminal (Played.)
The End of The Witch of Lorven
The Old Mask
The Sound of Flames
With His Father's Sword

If anyone else knows of any VNs/cinematic RPGs that are not currently on this list, and have a download available for them, then please mention them.

Note: The Vestibule is exempt from this, as it was created by Project BC, a group that I'm a member of. I wasn't involved in its creation, but I feel it's probably best if I avoid it out of the small possibility of personal bias.

Other Note: The World is Made of Paper is also exempt because I made it.

Looking for Games to Review

I really feel like writing some reviews here, but I'm not entirely sure where to start. There's quite a few untouched games around here.

So, I'm pushing the responsibility onto you, my dear forum members, as I sit back and let you do the dirty work for me.

More specifically, I'm just looking for suggestions for games to play, and hopefully review. If any of you have a game you want feedback for, or know of one around here that you feel could use one, for better or worse, then please post it here.

Here are my only requirements:

1. Must have less than two reviews already. I'll probably take on games with no reviews first, just because they're more in need of them. This rule can be waived if the game has recently had a new release or update posted that none of the other reviews cover.

2. Must be owned by a currently active member. I don't want to write reviews that won't come to use.

3. If your game is a fan game, I'll only be able to review it if I've played the game it's based on. I may be able to look past this if the game is only loosely based on the original's setting, however.

Aside from those things, I'm really not picky. Feel free to even lead me to games that you think are awful. I kind of enjoy putting myself through stuff like that, and those are the ones that really need to be critiqued.

Current Review Queue:

1. A Nightmare in Sunnydale (Currently playing.)
2. Devil Star (Not yet played. Priority for lack of reviews.)
3. MGS: Lunacy of Legion (Not yet played. May not be reviewed.)
4. Air RPG (Not yet played)
5. Infection (Not yet played)
6. Dream Odyssey (Not yet played)

Completed Reviews:

1. Final Tear 3:
2. Castle Chase

My Systems are not Optimized for Good Introductions

But I guess I'll try anyways.

Hello, I'm Ganonfrog. I've been an off and on member of several different RM sites for a while now, and I've actually had a mostly inactive account here for some time. Since I'm just now starting to do things with it, though, I figured I'd post one of these topics. It's not very exciting.

I'm also the main pixel artist and kinda-sorta co-producer for Vacant Sky. So feel free to direct any disapproval of the Misao results toward me.

Vacant Sky aside, though, I'm also working on my own project in Ren'py right now, so expect to see a profile for it in the coming week, when the demo comes out. Hopefully, it won't suck.

I also intend to post a good number of reviews around here, because I apparently have nothing better to do with myself.

So, uh... hi. This sure is a forum.

Edit: Damn it, I didn't capitalize my "Not" in the title. I'm going to typing hell.
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