Hi! I'm a new guy here!
I like to draw, designing game and digital art, though it's not as good as
those in Devi*n Art
Nice to meet you!
Sealed Within
Trapped in an online game where one gets KO-ed virtually means death in real life is too mainstream, but what IF you're trapped as an NPC? As a Final Boss, no less...

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  • gatot
  • 04/29/2015 08:17 AM

Castle Chase
All she wanted was to escape her predetermined future - A Game Gale '10 Entry
Kitty Survival Simulator
Try your best to keep your little Kitty self and your kittens alive in an unforgiving medieval world.
The Rose Mansion
"Never trust a demon, Ethan.".
A trinity of explorers, working simultaneously to detach each other's souls.