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Gays carrying out God's wrath.




Hey, thanks for the reply! I made a deliberate choice to try and limit JP compared to a lot of games because I wanted resource management to be a challenge - but I'll fully admit I think the beginning of the game is probably too challenging and should've eased players into it more easily.

I noticed you haven't mentioned using LP restoring items to heal instead of JP heals, which is a big thing I balanced the game around (JP heals are ideally only for in-battle emergency)? Did you still feel like that wasn't enough?

Also, there are various MP skills for recovering JP in return for MP too - Amos gets his a bit late iirc, which was probably a mistake on my part, but otherwise Micah and Leah should get Trumpet Blast and Leech Blade fairly early? But anyway I appreciate the feedback and will keep it in mind for future.


- There's a great number of dialogue windows that contain cut off text, but the cut off parts are usually so small that the player can still fill in the gaps.

- Tunnel to Moab: An indefinite number of Fruits of Strength can be obtained from the treasure chest (on the same level) south of the northern elevator leading to the Street to City Hall. I totally didn't abuse this bug to make my party overpowered (yes, I totally did exactly that).

- Central Factory, 3F: How can the treasure chest closest to the elevator be reached? I tried all teleportation panels (even from all directions), but it seems the connection to this area doesn't exist.

- Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 2F: An indefinite number of Holy Waters can be obtained from one treasure chest.

- Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 1F: If the player returns to the throne room after reaching the Heart of Babylon, a black screen is all that awaits, which is practically game-breaking (while the player can still move and interact with objects, the screen remains black, even when using Evac or Warp). Players are even more likely to find themselves trapped at this point, since the game generally encourages players to return to boss rooms they couldn't manually explore before.

Thanks for a great game!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate the bug reports.

The dialogue thing I do actually have a fix for (I finally figured out word wrap's problem)... but I don't want to commit to it without properly testing it works and doesn't make for some v weird formatting at points, so at the moment better the devil I know sticking to the status quo.

I could've sworn the Factory chest was accessible but I couldn't figure it either so I've fixed it. (it's only a Fruit of Wisdom tho FYI)

Also thanks for the throne room info, not only is it a bad bug but I'm also scandalised I didn't even put anything in there worth backtracking for! There's some treasure and an NPC there now. (but only three or so lines so... probably not worth going to the effort of downloading and heading back for) I'll post a new version ASAP.


I did a let's play for this game. Link can be found here.
Oh wow thanks for this! I'm kind've scared to watch someone play my own work LMAO but hopefully I can work up the courage bc I would love to watch it....

Jubilee Review

Ahh I just saw this, thank you for the positive (but honest about flaws) review, I really appreciate it!


Malakai can't be defeated >_< even though he's running out of HP.
Is this intentional?

Yeah it's intentional, sorry if that wasn't clear!


Hmm how weird. I'll have another look, thank you both.


In the bonus sequence, playing as a cat, there is an error. After talking to the last guy I got:
Failed to load:img/pictures/malakai%20superboss.png
A png file named malakai is in there but it only shows a message.

Ahh OK thank you for that. Do you know which version of the game you have downloaded? I thought I'd already fixed that issue but I'm not sure.

Terrarium: Remastered

Ah yeah I understand, that's unfortunate but it's not too big a problem. Thanks!


@Knightowl I'm really glad you liked it, perhaps in a year or two when I've had time to improve on RPG making I might come back and flesh out Jubilee a bit more. Thanks for all your feedback!


How do i use the accessories it is greyed out in the equip menu?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Which part of the game are you in?
I figured it out, it was at the beginning and I had to wait till a little into the game to use the accessories. I am loving your game it is so good. I have a problem in sarahs mansion, I am trying to set the clock to 6:45 and I can only put in the hour and it only has option for minute not able to put in 6:45. also nothing happens when it try to put out the fire in the dining room and I have the table set with all the food. What am i missing? I am totally hooked on your game.

Oh yeah so you have to put it in the way it would look on an analog clock - so 6 for the short/hour hand and 9 for the long/minute hand. Sorry for the confusion, I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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