a low resolution jpeg of david bowie hurtles toward you. you wake in a cold sweat

i'm genuinely surprised to still see a lot of names i recognise around here

lets get laid tonight

whoa is it really WIP's birthday ?? lets get fuckin hammered and end up in somebody else's bed (preferably not definitely each others)

hey you

this is the mistletoe topic. gimme a big kiss

what's going on here

so apparently i am back now? next time ban someone worth banning ::)

(i am open to suggestions)

incidentally where did all these shitty topics come from. i feel vindicated because without me to destroy them they will multiply with horrific consequences

well hey guys

hello there !!

well I guess I am gonna give posting here a go since I got back into RPG making. I was here a little while ago and made however many posts and posted a game (which needs to be deleted) and then just forgot to come here again.

so for anyone that doesn't know me already I am a 17 year old British-Irish (do not get into my cultural identity) college student with a penchant for music, football, video gams and sexyladies.

working on an RPG about pseudo-vikings with airships atm and I will probably post some shots / info around here in good time.

gonna be writing some shit for the Ghostlight blog soon so get yourself over there and read, and I usually hang around the Ghostlight IRC channel if you feel the need to chat.

that is all I am gonna write here so ciao!

important note: I go by just Rockman nowadays but I have no idea how to go about changing my nick soooo if anyone could do that for me / explain why it is an impossibility I would be grateful. thanks!

also (boring technical note): front page shows a typical message about using IE7 or higher or a different browser but I am using IE8! you share this with a lot of sites so don't be too alarmed but you might want to update your browser detection. all of the site renders fine (and fucking quickly) so it's all good.
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