[RMMV] Enemy moods: what else could I do with this mechanic?

OK, I'm writing this because I have a mechanic that could be interesting, but I'm not sure if I'm making full use of it. So I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for uses of it that may not have occurred to me.

Any thoughts?


Each enemy has a mood, measured with two hidden variables that run from 0-100

Nervous - Confident where if the variable is less than 34 they are Nervous and if it's over 66 they are Confident
Aggressive - Diplomatic which is similar.

Players can manipulate the enemy's moods with skills such as Negotiate, Antagonise or Intimidate, and enemies can alter them as well with their own skills. (for example, I have a Chanter enemy who spreads their current mood to all their allies)

Moods are randomly generated at start of battle, and players are not explicitly told an enemy's mood, and must figure it out. Enemy skills have an icon that shows if they depend on a mood, and text clues appear at the start of each round and when moods change.

## Nervous

stateline:20: mumbles to herself
stateloss:20: finds her voice
## Confident
stateline:21: mocks you
stateloss:21: flubs a joke
## Aggressive
stateline:23: screams defiance
stateloss:23: quiets down
# Diplomatic
stateline:24: speaks calmly
stateloss:24: loses her patience

Example mood clues for the Chanter.

Moods have the following effects:
They make enemies vulnerable to skills. For example, Boast forces Nervous enemies to skip their turn or even Escape, but will fail and debuff the user if a single enemy is Confident
Some skills, like Betray or Bait Enemy do extra damage to enemies with certain moods.
Most importantly, they manipulate the skills enemies can use. For example, a Healer who becomes Aggressive will stop healing. If she becomes Confident, she gains an AOE heal. A Flunky who is Nervous cannot use the regular attack and can only Flail. And a Nervous Guardian loses their Taunt status and the ability to recast it.

Of course, some enemies have predispositions or immunities to certain moods, including bosses.

Planned but not yet implemented:
A completely Nervous enemy is Confused for a turn and then resets back to Neutral
A completely Confident enemy wastes a turn jeering at you and then resets
A completely Aggressive enemy is Berzerked for a turn and then likewise
A completely Diplomatic enemy is Charmed for a turn and then resets
Events like Critical hits, damage, etc have small effects on the moods.

Not sure about this: Stat changes.
Not doing: it doesn't apply to players just now, I don't want to lock off players abilities, it could be a pain for them.

[RMMV] Problem reconciling lore with gameplay, instant game-overs

Heya, I'm having a bit of trouble integrating the lore and gameplay of a game my friend and I are developing, and was wondering if I could get some feedback on possible solutions.

This wasn't really going to be a problem with the combat-light visual novel we were developing, but we're doing a short sidestory for practice first and there's a lot more combat in it.

The lore: Magic is dangerous. If you screw up while casting it, whether because of haste, carelessness, drunkenness or rage, instead of letting a rogue spell run amok reality itself immediately banishes you to a dead alternate dimension called the Hollow. It is virtually impossible to come back by yourself, it takes a specialized team to rescue you, and even then the survival rate is not great at all. While magic is used by a great many people, it is always with a lot of care, respect and training.

This is an absolutely fundamental rule in the story, we can't change it without rewriting pretty much everything, but you can see why this doesn't quite fit a scenario that contains a lot of combat. People are going to be using magic in fights, and it seems appropriate that there be a risk of someone overloading, but if a player character does that's instant game over - a rescue cannot be mounted and the story cannot continue without them.

So this is my plan, and I'd like your feedback on whether you think it's too punitive. (or too exploitable?) All of this would be made completely clear to the player.

Characters have MP, spells cost MP, but spells can still be cast if you don't have enough MP. This takes the character into negative MP.
When a spell would take a character into negative MP, instead of its MP cost, the %chance of overloading is displayed instead. Thinking 0% at 0MP and 100% at -MaxMP
If a spell takes the player into negative MP, the chance is rolled and the character does or does not overload.
If someone overloads, it's instant game over.

MAYBE: The party has one "near miss" per battle where a character can narrowly avoid overloading, warning the player as well that this safety net is gone.
MAYBE: Statuses increase or decrease the chance of overloading.
MAYBE: The player is given the opportunity to immediately restart the battle instead of returning to a save point.

I (and I think everyone else) dislike instant game overs as a mechanic, but I can't really think of another way to handle it, since the story cannot continue without banished characters. Does this sound reasonable? Do you think players would want to take advantage of this system despite the risk?



Hi, this is geri_khan, currently making a visual-novel-ish thing in RPGMaker VX ACE with a friend (who is the actually talented one doing art etc)

Currently I'm spending most of my time hacking scripts together and then wondering why they don't work, and fretting about whether dipping below 60FPS is OK. I've done a bit of spriting too... but yeah I could easily spend all my time in the script editor if I was allowed to. :)

We don't have anything to show from our current game right now, though I do have a video of an old project I was working on a year and a half ago, now on hold. (the art in the video isn't my friend's, she's better than that)

Anyway, nice to be here!
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