The last night

I suppose that. Note that it have a lot of work already but i cant improve it a lot more by myself. Maybe i can try to improve my english too but...

The last night

Cyber Factor

hello,was on a break from rpg maker games back to play more and this was next
but as it was made with the 2003(2000 also has this problem)
some of the letters painful to the eyes
and tho i swear i downloaded and installed a font that fixed it
i guess its not working for ? reason
any case heres a example

if someone knows and can give me a link to a font that will make this look better id appreciate it.thank you

You have tried to desactivate cleartype in your windows? is a smoothing of fonts that applies automatically news windows and dont work very well with old rpgmaker.

Exist a patch for this too.

The Most Stupidest Game Ever - Re-duh!

Don't want to sound silly here, but, em, could someone, please, help me through the
numbers puzzle? The one with 25 switches. I don't get it at all, not even after Violas tried to explain it. Thanks.

Its one of the bugs or design mistakes of the game, you have to try some numbers and then it starts to make that but also there is also a bug because the explanation is not repeated.

You have to get that number sumig each switch number, like 24 +10,34? and then go to the door and check.

the game ahve two more poitns like this when papa smurf combat there is a bug with scan skill and when contiung wiht the journey and a event that dint work well for me at least.

The game is in general nice but with the mistakes that already pointed... adn some others:

-The enemies are the same and no variety and challengue from that
-too easy and simple in combat
-you only discover that there exist endings different, but thats at the final part, and are little variatons, and you cant havee freedom ot chanue tat.xD you wont play the game 9 times to do it, minus if you dont have any clue of these things.
-Bosses are or too easy or too "i have 10000 hp and the combat get 10000 turns"-

For the rest is very fun and gme,

The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man

I liked a lot this game man, i get 6 of 12 for now, good work. I dont any to add, but i will look for your other project-

Cyber Factor

I like to see that the game continue i liked it a lot. I suggest you to make a blog addition to make clear that the game is continued to people

All talk, no play

You need some balance, because it had nothing to go fun or talk sometimes, but in general i do more than talk.

When is it *good* to abandon a project?

I never do it. In general, i put the project back and take it in some time.

How many hours or days does it take you to make an hour of game?

Interesting but you didnt say how many you work in your game, i work a lot, sometimes like 40h a week, and i never end nothing.

Note that exist two moments in game development that are the more hard and time consuming, start and end. Start because you have to set the inital idea, maybe predesing it, and test and prototype it. Later a lot of this works is already done. Then comes the end, with final polishments, bugs, and publication, it take a lot more.

I have never do nothing more that the first step, and a lot of times, nothing to present at all. I think is the more interesting and motivational time, more refreshing.

I have worked months and year to make The last night first prototype, 40m.
Now i will release shiprewreckers of the dreams first prototype, my more complex project, it taked me years to make it, and it will take like 30m.


Those dragons are cool. I feel like I've seen them before, but different. Are they edits?

They are from romancing saga 3 i think. For now no edit i thing but im creating my own one... its just that it take a lot of time and maybe i will wait for prototype 2 for the two bosses graphics.