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Skip Cutscenes Mode
A mode in wich all graphic events are skipped.
09/18/2011 03:58 PM
Difficulty effects
Complete difficulty control and customizable inital menu
09/18/2011 08:03 PM
Retro-Styled Battle Result Window
A battle result window like old ff or dragon quest ones
09/18/2011 08:28 PM
Improved shop
Adds discount, shopt type and custom shops with custom currencys and more!
09/22/2011 04:47 PM
Warning Message(scripters tool)
A window like classic videogames yes/no or adivice messages
10/22/2011 06:09 PM
More terrain tags
Have up to 8 unique terrain tags for map or tileset
10/23/2011 10:04 AM
Consume MP in combat by all actions
System like FF The Four Heroes
10/23/2011 09:43 PM
Buff/debuff dragonquest style skills
Let you use atributes buffs that dont work with % states
10/24/2011 07:20 PM
Locations system
A expanded locations in menu system
10/25/2011 03:00 PM
Multiusable items
Items that can be used X times
10/30/2011 09:52 AM
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