2k looking game in XP

I want to use old fashioned grafics, i know i can scale the graphics, but anyway im asking for resolution scripts or some game that does this nice as example.

An other thing is the smooth that XP does to fonts, and the way these are drawn, because they arent pixelated, no?

Sorry for my bad english.

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Call methods of other classes

I have a problem. I'm learning RGSS and for practice im implementing all rm2k lost options in XP. The problem is that i don't know exactly how to call methods out of the actual class.
I have a "Other" class that have many new methods, like correction critical for weapon, or another based in Actor/Class, etc.. well, methods that i have to call in many other scripts.

#This is the call i'm making now , in Game_Battler 3


And this the called method class:

class Other

def critic_weapon(attacker, critical)
if attacker.weapon_id == 1
print "critic mod"
critic += 5

this is the error message

no method error, undefined method critc_weapon for nil: Nil class
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