Grimm's Hollow
A spooky, freeware turn-based RPG where you reap the dead in search of your lost brother.



Steam RPGMaker Scene

Wait wait wait, is the 100 dollar fee a one-time payment for all games, or for every single one? (Or maybe kentona's just wealthy enough to lob 100's very quickly?) Because I always thought, even for free games, you had to pay 100. For every single one.

Yes, that's correct! You'd have to pay for every single one, so that's why it would probably be a good idea to put up your most significant / most important project to you and see how that goes.

For whatever reason, the video part of this feels the most daunting to me for some reason. I guess I need to look into how to do that someday.

some people have friends/fans help put together trailers for them, so if video editing seems daunting that might also be a viable option? kory_toombs suggested trial of camtasia studio for recording game footage which is good, but if you want a non-trial software that's free and used by many I personally used open broadcaster software for recording my rm2k3 game in HD :) (also sorry if i'm driving this off topic but there's also this really neat video about how video game trailers are made, it's insightful)

also, yes pls to the discuss Steam process.

oooh boi there is so much to say here, maybe i should make an article on it someday? here’s a rundown that essentially covers it:

Figure out which steam account you’re going to use as a developer before signing in to steamworks here:
(Since my main steam account was personal, i made a new one for game dev)

Buy the direct product submission fee:

After that on the steamworks site, you’ll have to fill in a bunch of tax information and your bank account details, EVEN IF your game is free. (If your game is free, don’t worry - they don’t ever end up using this information or charge you anything extra. I haven’t put a paid product up but it’s just so steam can take a margin and add tax to what you sell). Then there’s a waiting period of roughly a week where Steam reviews that information before actually letting you do things on Steamworks.

This is what the main steamworks page for your game looks like after that:

The most important thing is the release checklist on the side. That’s like a little to do list that tells you what you need to do and gives u info on how in order to release your game.

There’s 2 lists:
1. One for building your store page.
2. One for uploading your game and letting your game go live.

When you finish 1, you submit it for review by Steam and they’ll usually say “ya it’s good” within 2-5 working days (they … really don’t moderate steam descriptions at all …). then you can set it live.

Nearly the same thing for 2, except you can only submit it for review once you finish 1.

More importantly: you can only release ur game a month after you get your steamworks account confirmed, and AT LEAST 2 weeks after ur store page is live & public.

Here’s what most of the checklist looks like:

(I couldn’t find one that showed all of gamebuild, srry, but one of the requirements was a trailer)

May come back to this thread and add more info later, but that’s essentially the process :)

Steam RPGMaker Scene

jumping on to this thread (hope you don’t mind) but I would also love to see more RPG Maker developers I know / serious RPG Maker developers on RMN put their completed games up on steam, so long as they don’t mind paying the $100 entry fee.

most of this thread discusses putting up a commercial game on steam (which is understandable, since that’s what OP was originally discussing) and why going commercial on steam is hard (it is). but for people who still want to be able to share their game to more people (and potentially gain back that $100, or not lose it entirely) there’s also the option of putting up a free game on steam and offering paid dlc, such as a soundtrack, artbook, or even just a simple “thank you” donation page like Relic Hunters Zero.

i also want to stress that, once you’ve paid the $100 entry free, it’s ridiculously easy to put your game up on steam (and a dlc, whilst we're at it). it took me about 2 weekends to set up my first one overall (and that’s partially because since i wasn’t familiar with the documentation at all when I started, so it took longer). if anyone wants me to discuss the steam process more, pls lmk I’ll be happy to.

Featured Game, Featured Dev: Ghosthunter

Thank you so much again for the interview Cap_H! <3 (even though I was so slow at answering) xD

Like I even remember, back in 2002 and 2007, I think the biggest hurdle for me was struggling to figure out how to get Charsets to work in rpgmaker2000/2003, just so I could start bringing the stuff I was drawing on my spare time, into rpgmaker - this was a real struggle for a lot of people here using rpgmaker.

This is so sad. But nowadays I still get questions from people about what engine I used or how I did this or that in RPG Maker and I always find myself just linking back to this site to help give advice / tutorials. So, like you said, it's great that it's so easy to access and learn these things now because of this site. :)

Hoping they decide to stick around, they're very welcomed on RMN.

MISAO 2019 Results!

Congrats to Theia for it’s success and all the winners! Happy to see a lot of games up there. :) It’s both really surprising but motivating to see my game on this list amongst so many amazing projects, so thank you to the RMN community for the Misaos.

Extra special thanks to Liberty, LordBlueRouge and Sooz for spreading news about and managing the Misaos this year; topic threads that rounded up games throughout the year really helped when it came to finding games to vote for!

Grimm's Hollow

Wow! Very impressed that this level of quality was made within one month. I was very moved by the story. Good lore & world building. Not to mention the beautiful art & music! Props to the writing. Interesting leveling system.

All in all, congrats on your fantastic game! <3

Oh no, this was made on and off over the course of a year! Sorry for the confusion, but thank you for your praise! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Very nice game, I liked it. I found the second ending the best at first but the 4th ending managed to hold its own. All the originality was very nice too, much appreciated. Wish you best of luck with your possible future projects.
Just finished playing it and holy wow was it good. I can't wait till' it takes off and gets super duper popular.

Thank you all!

acai cOrner

Saw this on twitter! Looks super cosy and pretty; looking forward to it!


Beautiful and really neat! Looking forward to this. :)

Grimm's Hollow is out!

I really enjoyed the game! I submitted my review on Steam, but I want to make it a bit better before I post it on RMN since it's more likely that people will read the whole thing here than on Steam.

I have a quick question: do you ever intend to come back to this universe sometime in your gam mak life, or is it done? I'd love a bit more of stuff in this universe, just saying.

Sorry this is so late Gretgor: I'd love to come back to Grimm's to make it better, but I also feel like I need to take space from it, do something else and all in all become a better writer before I come back to it (apart from bug fixes that is).

I am sincerely happy to hear that you enjoyed it though. Thank you for leaving a review!

Grimm's Hollow Review

Thank you for the review todpole!
One of the obvious issues is that that an enemy might attack you as your going through you commands and it gets annoying after a while

This is an issue I'm struggling to fix, unfortunately. :( It seems difficult to be able to make RM2K3 stop showing the menu at the same time as the QTE.

Will work to fix the others bugs and balancing mentioned in this review :) (It's coming along slowly, though).

Thank you for playing, and thank you for leaving a detailed review!

Grimm's Hollow Review

Thank you so much for the positive review Gretgor!

The game's short length is mainly due to circumstance and the fact that I didn't want to do something too extensive for my first project: I concentrated on making a simple, short plot outline in between dungeon gameplay in the planning stages because I knew that other aspects of game development (graphics, testing, etc) would take up a load of time that was hard to predict. I wanted to finish my first game before I left for college (since I knew it would be difficult to continue to make games after that), and unfortunately that resulted in a load of the game's lack of polish and short length. I'm by no means dismissing the game's flaws and bugs though - I'm grateful to receive any feedback about it since I have a to learn and I'm working on fixing some of the bugs in an update!

Thank you again for playing and leaving a review Gretgor, and I am glad you enjoyed the game's world and story. :)
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