A time comes in every man's life when they get shaken to the core, when the river of ambition sinks low to the earth and the very rock that man has built the foundation of his life upon crumbles. There in his tiny shattered world, amongst the rubble of his broken hopes and dreams he waits. Time loses meaning and he watches as eternity fades into oblivion...yet still he waits; for one day he knows the rain will fall.

...and when it does he is reforge, from the mud that surrounds him, from the ash that covers him, from the very spark of thought that has innovated all life...he will rise!

We can shape him, make him to what we want him to be...and in the end...we can be entertained!
RPG MAKER's a ton of fun!!




Is it to late to sign up for this? If it's not to late, please sign me up :)

The Shards of Pluto Review

Nice! Thanks for playing and for reviewing Muninn. I had hoped to get an updated version out this weekend, however with the MVLympics it may have to wait another week or so :)

No-RM Event

So I'm not really sure about the time tables, I'm hoping I have a few hours to get a simple menu in the game and finish up some stuffs. Have I missed the deadline? It's still October here.

Looks like I have a few hours...nice.

On a side note, does anyone have any good links to royalty free sound effects?

McBacon Jam

Name: Giaks
Main skill: Mapping
Other skills: Eventing, graphic editing(not so much creation, more along the line of frakenspriting and the sort), creative problem solving
Engines/Languages/framework preference: RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace
Prefer to work on: Any project where results and progression is evident.
Prefer NOT to work on: The exact opposite of prefer to work on.
Comment: I'm detail oriented, open minded and creative. I have Skype, Curse and Steam for communication. I prefer Skype as I enjoy having the ability to share screens in order to better communicate. I am willing to download other programs if the team would prefer to use other means of communication. Grammar is less important to me than it should be.

RMNverse Battledome 5 - COMPLETE!

Battlechip: Juego del palo
Team: 57th Overlanders

RMNverse Battledome 5 - COMPLETE!

Does anyone have an updated list of the available battlechips? I'd like to enter although I'm not sure which chips are still on the market.

[XP] Charset remaining idle while walking against wall.

I put this together for you Fidchell. I'm not sure it'll do everything you'll want it to do; however it's a pretty good foundation.

8 Dircational Movement with timed idle - Autorun Common Event

Let me know if it's close to what you were thinking.

Game Name Game

I ran into somewhat of a wall while working on my entry for this contest. So in my downtime I made a simple Pitch Wizard to possible help out those last minute entries. Screen shot and link below.

The Game Name Game - Pitch Wizard

I will be submitting my entries tomorrow, once I figure out the mock-up/concept stuff.

Anyone need a writer

I may need a writer, depending on how things work out in the next few weeks. I have submitted a game profile to be approved so I can shop for a team of interested people. You should post some samples of your writing skills and maybe some background on the type(s) of things you are interested in writing.

Khas Awesome Light Effects Problem :<

It's sorta a quick and dirty fix...however I have to head back to work soooo, take it or leave it :)

Open up the script editor and find the 2 scripts for:

for each one, under the Object Initialization
add a line under 'super'

self.z = 200 # added to set a Z value of choice/scrolling text

After adding that line to both scripts, if they still don't show up correctly simply increase the number. Now like I said, this is quick and dirty, as I have never used the lighting script, and it's possible this will mess with other scripts as well. There may be a better way to do this by editing the lighting script itself.