A time comes in every man's life when they get shaken to the core, when the river of ambition sinks low to the earth and the very rock that man has built the foundation of his life upon crumbles. There in his tiny shattered world, amongst the rubble of his broken hopes and dreams he waits. Time loses meaning and he watches as eternity fades into oblivion...yet still he waits; for one day he knows the rain will fall.

...and when it does he is reforge, from the mud that surrounds him, from the ash that covers him, from the very spark of thought that has innovated all life...he will rise!

We can shape him, make him to what we want him to be...and in the end...we can be entertained!
RPG MAKER's a ton of fun!!


RMN Store - question/suggestion/clarification

I was wondering if it was possible to buy items as a gift(in order to give them away to others) from the store? I haven't seen any indication of this when I add items to the cart both here and on Is steam sorta the only way to gift stuff? I'd rather do it through here, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks

An RMN community story.

An RMN community story.

Thought I'd start an RMN community story...for science
...and fun.

Anyone can help evolve the story!
The rules are simple. Though you may want to read through them just once.

1) Continue the story.
a. Read the story so far, then write on it. You want to start a new scene? You want to introduce a new character? You want to flesh out a character already introduced? You want to kill off a character? problem. Just make sure it's all tied into the same story somehow, and make sure it doesn't kill the storyline(don't write that a street thug kills a main character, make sure they go out with style.)

2) If it isn't written, it isn't real.
a. This is another way of saying be descriptive. Just because you have an image of what something may be in your mind doesn't mean that's how it is. Let's say you introduce a character and you describe him as being tall with green eyes and red hair, that's all he is...the next writer could make him carry an excessive amount of girth around his mid-section and have long hair. So if you have an image of a character, make sure you get it down 'on paper' as it were. This goes for everything in the world, not just characters.

b. This also means that you need to be paying attention to where things are/what is happening in the world. If a character is on the 5th floor of a building fighting zombies, you shouldn't start a new scene with that same character on the street buying a hot just doesn't make sense. If you want that character to be eating tube steak, you should first somehow get them to the street, be it by killing the zombies, jumping down the laundry shoot...etc.

c. If congruency flaws are introduced, expect them to be pointed out by the community.
*As a side note: I'm clearly no pro at writing and I'm working on my tenses. I'm pretty terrible at it right now so I'm hoping that if/as the story progresses I'll get better at it.

3) Use your imagination.
a. ...and keep an open mind, part of the fun is not knowing what will happen next.

4) Make sense.

a. The readers/writers need to know what you are trying to present and if your scene doesn't make sense because the grammar is terrible, you present idea fragments rather then solid ideas, or your ideas are to abstract to fit the story it will be near to impossible to continue writing after you.

̿ ̿ ''\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ - Welp! Let's begin...

All around Chloe Fortune, Tia Xian City bustled with activity. Magnetically guided vehicles slide swiftly through the streets, while the sidewalks were cramped with old carts and street vendors. Xenotypes of all different shapes, sizes and races; dressed in all fashion of clothing created a type of living mosaic. The sound of the sonic tram could be heard in the distance as it shot forward racing towards its next stop. Grey metallic buildings sprang up swallowing the horizon that nature had intended. The wind blew gently, kicking up the fine dirt that had somehow escaped the heavy film of oily residue that seemed to blanket most of the city.

What a dump, Chloe thought as a toad green delivery van whizzed by kicking up a can from off the street.

"Where the hell is Sam?" she silently demanded kicking the can apathetically. The can went sailing above the crowd, managing to find its way to the only Escabar on the block. Being one of the largest and most ill-tempered races in the civilized universe, few considered the Escabar to be a civilized race. Mar'tic the Escabar clearly did little to disprove this. Standing up he towered over most of the other pedestrians occupying the street. Turning his dull green head towards her, he cracked a hideous smile. One of his eyes had been boiled over with a taint and his teeth were cracked and rotted.

"Hey!" Mar'tic bellowed, as he made a monstrous effort to contort and turn his massive body. His belly swiping away the crowd to his side as he turned. Most of the remaining crowd between Chloe and the Escabar had the good sense to get out of the way.

Chloe looked down the street, her eyes squinting just a little in discussed.

"Hey!" He repeated, already winded and sweating from the effort of standing up and turning around. Mar'tic taking note of Chloe's resolute stance stomped towards her, shoving the few remaining pedestrians out of the way as he approached. Chloe stood her ground, wondering if he would have the strength to stop his own sluggish momentum. She took a tiny step backwards to avoid his lumbering stomach as he came to a lurching stop. He towered over her looking down on her with a single glutinous eye.

"You kick that can at me?" He inquired. She didn't answer.

"Yeah, you were probably trying to get my attention eh?"

Again he was met with no reply.

"You're a pretty young thing, I bet you want what ol' Mar'tic can give ya!"

Mar'tic the Escabar was right about one of those two things. She was a pretty young thing. Chloe stood all of 5'5" with golden blonde hair that she generally kept pulled up in a lose bun behind her head. Her long bangs hung to each side of her face in a failing effort to hide her brilliant golden brown eyes. Freckles ran across her cheeks and nose as well as her shoulders, they lightly touched the front of her chest and neck, and the top of her back. Her breasts hung tight against her chest, in no way supple, however she considered them well and thought they were not to be dismissed. They were covered with only a couple thin pieces of black cloth connected by black cord. Her stomach was flat and ran down softly to another black cloth and cord. A wide leather belt hung loosely around her small waist, leaning down to the left as it held a holster that contained one of two photon revolvers she held on her person. The other was strapped tightly around her right leg. A black handled katana rested at her posterior, tied around her waist by a simple strip of cloth. Her feet and legs were covered with tall boots that ended at the middle of her thigh. All in all, She was fit and slender. A pretty young thing indeed, she thought. However she didn't seem to care much for Mar'tic or what he could give her.

Chloe felt his dank breath rain down upon her and her hand gracefully drifted to the hilt of her katana. Before she got a chance to use it however a commotion came from down the street.

"Chloe!" A man's voice called out frantically as the crowd again began to part.

The commotion drew Mar'tic's attention and the Escabar began his pilgrimage to turn around to face the excitement, Chloe eased her hand off her weapon.

"Chloe!" The voice came again, closer this time...much closer.

The sound of boots hastily slapping pavement could barely be heard above the murmurs of the crowd, however to Chloe's well trained ears she understood that this approach was not in a effort to come to her aid but rather in an effort to run away from something else further down the street. As the foot steps reached their paramount Chloe stepped back. Samuel Smith plowed into Mar'tic causing the massive Escabar to lose his balance and tumble over into the street, nearly crushing a magnetic taxi floating by.

"Damn it Sam." Chloe said in a dull voice. "I was just about to finally have a little fun."

Sam Smith picked himself up off the ground and scratched the thick black stubble on his chin. He looked down at the Escabar struggling to get up.

"With that?" He said with a sarcastic gesture as he fixed his midnight black hair.

Chloe scoffed.

"Well I may have something better for you." Sam stated giving her a wink and looking down the street with his crystal blue eyes.

The mosaic that was the pedestrians on the street was moving chaotically. Something was coming. Something quick. Sam stepped behind a street merchant's cart and gave Chloe a half cocked smile. Focusing her attention down the street Chloe saw a mechanical puppet jumping from the ground to wall of a near by building. It surveyed the market and dropped back down into the crowd.

"Where's your jacket?" Chloe inquired. Samuel Smith never went anywhere without his leather jacket, unless he was wearing his Exo-Armor.

"Well that's kinda a long story." He replied shoving his hands to the bottom of the pockets in his jeans and shrugging his shoulders.

Chloe sighed just as the mechanical puppet landed on the sidewalk in front of her.

"Looking for me?" She said defiantly.

The single lens on the robotic humanoid's head adjusted as it focused on her, the metal plate next to the lens had the number 74 etched into it. Its featureless head turned slightly as the lens readjusted, this time on Sam. Loosely it stepped forward, gears grinding behind its course cloth skin.

Battle sprite (RTP edit)

If you are reading this and haven't voted in the RMN sprite're missing out! All the sprites are really good so go vote!

Ado13 has asked if anyone could help him out with some sprites. So I put this together with some RTP editing. I tried to stay as true to the face graphic he provided. There are at least three things I'm not to keen on with this sprite, it just gets to a point where it feels "good enough"

Ado13's forum post:

This sprite can be used by anyone in noncommercial games.

I'm open to feedback, what does everyone like and dislike about it, what looks good and what looks off. I'm also curious what parts of this sprite everybody recognizes from the VX Ace RTP.

** The arms are behind her, the left one is going straight down and the right one is grabbing's hard to see because on the face picture she has black sleeves...and with the wings it just got a little rough. I just couldn't find any other placement that I liked once I got this one.

My first RPG Maker project

This is my first RPG Maker project, i was advised that this may be the place to post it.

I should mention that its for RPG Maker VX. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and this is my first real project...since the contest is over i'm done with the scene. Still it was fun to make and i made it to be viewed, so I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to comments, criticisms, advice and the like. also if anyone else has a Let's make a scene project that didn't make it to the top 8 i'd love to see them. :)

Let's make a scene...not the top 8

So I'm a new user to this site, and I have been using RPG maker for only about 3 weeks.

I didn't win the Lets make a scene contest on but i made a scene and i'd like it to be viewed...its not great(clearly) but it was a lot of fun to make, just to see how things worked and if i could stretch my mind a bit. anyway i'd like to link it here...

I just figure, i spent the time making it i'd like it to be viewed and not gather digital dust. i'd also love to see others scene's that didn't make the top 8. just cause we didn't make it to the top 8 doesn't mean we can't still enjoy the work we've put into 'em...

I hope this is allowed.
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