I have a vistion and that is to make something diffrent, anyone who has ever doubted my methods I have proven wrong ten fold. Aka former deck ape, my word of advice then end result is all that matters only time anything before that matters if it cuases morals to be messed up. Also since so many don't understand my name and why it is spelled this way it is becuase on almost every website the right spelling of the name is already taken i'm not going to be a number. Also if I had choosen the darkwolf9ball anyone who has not played old school mech games would be lost.



Post an insane lie about the person above you

Nightowl's arch enemey is pinky and the brain

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MrCHarlesMugford gets his clothing from a gay club how gets his clothing off the guys when he is straight is a good question.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

A few of the final fantasy have grammer issues granted my favorite game has many. But it's not a crazy amount of it but enougn to notice suikoden 2 used can go for hundreds of dollars and it's a ps1 game go figure.

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CyberDagger Is spy his real name is Bill Gates he is looking for the next thing that will change the gammer community.

A few words on game submissions.

Does not bother me at all once I figure out a solid story for my game I should be good. The hard thing is making a game with as much content as bg2 that game has one of the largest amount of content I have ever seen. Not saying I will come close but a man can dream.


I always over power level so I tend not to have trouble with bosses I still remeber that game had some crazy puzzels still think some of them were harder then zelda thats saying something lol

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LockeZ was the mastermind behind the nukes, he also created a time machine using the power of a nuke. He thus went back into time and help develop the first spaceship, now he is working on becoming president.

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Nightowl gave every women in the world a happy ending ;)

pic of pure bordem

This program im using is meant four houses for my classes anyways its what I started tonight and it still in the works

a pic i did during class what you guys think?

The white artifacts and low-quality jpeg ruins everything about this image. Sorry. :(

It's ok I know it could be better thanks tho thinking I may use this in a 3d system not sure how I would draw it yet in 3d