I have a vistion and that is to make something diffrent, anyone who has ever doubted my methods I have proven wrong ten fold. Aka former deck ape, my word of advice then end result is all that matters only time anything before that matters if it cuases morals to be messed up. Also since so many don't understand my name and why it is spelled this way it is becuase on almost every website the right spelling of the name is already taken i'm not going to be a number. Also if I had choosen the darkwolf9ball anyone who has not played old school mech games would be lost.


pic of pure bordem

This program im using is meant four houses for my classes anyways its what I started tonight and it still in the works

a pic i did during class what you guys think?

Another crafting question

I fixed much of my grammer now. Anyways I am using rpgmaker vx ace when say you you fail to make item becuase you dont have the gold or matarials how do you make the number show up. I read somewhere it was \v(n) n=number if thats the case is there a variable I am missing? or is this the wrong symbol when doing that. I also removed the fire sound but added a metal clank sound when you craft a item what is a good water sound or witch sound is good to lower the pitch or volume on?

I have a question about crafting

I updated my crafting even further tonight. I use rpgmaker vx ace my question is this, how do you put or can you put a icon picture in the choices box by a special symbol? I'm not sure how if it invloves pitcure I don't know how I would go about that. For example I want it like. (pic of sword/armor) the name of the sword/armor then the aquired items to make the sword/armor. If there is no way of doing this then let me know right away so I can see about working around it.

Crafting system i'm working on

Tell me what you think so far I know much needs to be done but once it's all said and done I will explain how to get to where I have with the crafting if people want crafting systems in there games. Working on many projects But this is my main priority at this moment.


At this moment I am trying to make a tactics system for the ace witch is hard so hopefully i don't give up on tactics idea as far as the war system goes. I have a idea how I want it i'm trying to make it like suikoden 2 if any one has ever played it then you know right away what i'm trying to do if not then you have never played it witch is ok. They made to me the best war system and I want to do something similiar once I figure out how to do it I will share it.

How do I share events

I want to be able to share a event i'm working on with the cummunity when it's done ya it's my intro but it will give people ideas for there games I like as much freedom of choice granted It's pratically going to be like a script but its a event/intro if that makes since i'm trying to give it that baldurs gate feel to it where you choose classes as far as races I don't know that would take to long and the story is about a human well one of the classes is a female elf but anywho. Once I master the freedom of choice I will make a youtube video or give someone the commands and they can make a youtube video I don't like talking lol.


Hi now I have been on here for a while but never really producing anything, really never had the time still don't have to much time but I am putting all the effort I can into making at least one game. I personally have seen a lot of fan game games witch is not the way I want to go I want to change what people see as mapping also, i'm going to build games like baldurs gate style massive worlds with content I have been messing around with rpgmaker for a while I learn fairly fast. What I hope to bring to the comunnity is something fresh and new. I am not great at scripting however I think I have almost perfected one system so far. That is that so far for my intro.

The game im making

So its been somewhat slow paced I just got rpg vx and I got most the world map done sotry in progress even started making like a mini side quest by land when I say land I mean lots of it. Im gonna do the buy castle thing to with mini sdie stuff in it too. But I want to make it so you can purchase soldiers and then they appear to protect your castle. Also I want to be able to habe the player so they can build up on the land like towns ect it will be hard. I have made the wolrd big enough to have over 60 towns excluding dungeons ect. I only have about 20 maps give or take but you see the world and iits really big to say the least plents of npcs not go to a castle and only have like 10 guards is more like a war camps. I really need help if anyone knows how i could do a purchase system for troops would be cool.

Hi im new

This is a video of a game I been working on I am new to rpgmaker but I like to learn as much as possible as fast as i can grated for some reason it was on high speed and cant seem to slow it down. It will be a bit before I figure out all the stuff. Oh and the story im making is going to be about demons knights war/rpg/adventure maybe more depends on how I feel.
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